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Programme outline

The Master programme is the natural continuation of your Bachelor studies, to get deeper knowledge and more skills to become a successful Biologist.

Our Master's programme follows the Swedish national board of Education outline so you need to fulfil the 120 ECTS to finally acquire your Master of Science certificate at EMG.

Program total: 120 ECTS (two years)
Subject specific courses: minimum 60 ECTS (biology)
Course Levels: minimum 90 ECTS on advanced level
Thesis: minimum 30 ECTS

You start your Master studies with the programme introduction week and then choose either Forest ecology or Aquatic Ecology. All the following courses are free of choice.  However, the recommended path through the programme is the best way to get what we consider necessary knowledge in the shortest time. More information about that path is given during the introduction week.

It is also possible to choose single courses at other departments or even other universities if you are an EU-citizen. Of course you need to fulfil their specific course requirements too.

Suggested path:

Year 1:

  • Forest or Aquatic Ecology
  • Ecology Dynamics
  • Analysis of Ecological Data
  • Ecosystem Management

Year 2:

  • Courses Free of choice and/or Thesis

Note: The thesis can be split into parts if it is possible to do so with the specific subject you are studying. Then you always need to discuss with the program coordinator first.

When you have finished enough ECTS you simply apply for the Degree of Master in Biology via the university web-page.