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Alumni Hannes

Name: Hannes Kuhl

Programme: Master's Programme in Economics

Years at USBE:  2015 - 2017

From: A small village somewhere in Northern Germany, but currently I live in Munich.

What was it that made you apply for the program here in Umeå?

The interesting options for specialization (Environmental Economics in my case) as well as the opportunity to study in a very Northern, very foreign environment.

What is it that you liked with the program?

The small classes helped a lot in connecting with the fellow students. The professors and other lecturers were always approachable and open for discussion.

What is it that you liked about Umeå?

It's a small city, very easy to get around in and familiar with. There are many extracurricular offerings that help meeting people from other background than your own.

Is there any unexpected side of Swedish culture that you would like to tell us about?

Sweden is not South America. I have made the experience, that people tend to be rather introverted. Be prepared to do a lot of the ice-breaking yourself.

Do you have any advice to students that are thinking of applying to our programs?

Umeå is a long way up North. The winters are very (very) dark, the summers very (very) bright. Both are wonderful to experience as they play interesting tricks to your mind. Try to mingle with as many natives as possible. They are really the only ones to show you how to get the best out of the seasons and the surrounding nature.

What have you been working with since graduating from our program (Company/country)?

Since my graduation in 2017, I have been working for different consultancies teaching clients about generation of insightful data and its responsible treatment.

Right now I work at Trakken Web Services as a Digital Analytics Developer.

How do you think your stay in Umeå contributed to your career?

The structure of the programme is as flexible as you need it to be. Both the university and the city offer many opportunities to meet students from other backgrounds, which helps in broadening your horizon and gain other perspectives - abilities which are key when working in consulting.