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Master's Programme in IT Management

  • Number of credits 120 Credits

The master’s programme in IT management is designed for those who want to affect the ways in which IT is applied to make a positive change. The programme gives you the opportunity to combine knowledge from your bachelor studies with new insights on IT and its application in business and organisations. With a master’s degree in IT management you are equipped to act as the link between organizations and IT.

While studying

Being a student on the IT management programme means an active search for knowledge, problem solving and critical analyses based on a scientific approach. The working methods vary between individual study work, group work,live cases, seminars and lectures.

The programme is tightly coupled to practice with a strong research component. Our collaboration with partner firms provides you with opportunities to develop your analytical and managerial skills. The programme combines subject knowledge in IT management with strong ties to practice. You learn to work with a scientific approach that is valuable for evaluation work, management, consluting, systems design, business development, and entrepreneurship.

The courses are taught by internationally established researchers all of which are working on IT management issues, and hold extensive experience with collaboration with leading firms.

You take courses in informatics and select a topic and an external partner for your project work. For information or advice regarding these issues please contact the program counselor. The programme is normally given in English. Adequate skills in English writing is important prerequisites for the programme.

Film: Master’s Programme in IT Management at Umeå University, Sweden
Master’s Programme in IT Management at Umeå University, Sweden


Students finishing the program after one year are required to undertake a 15 hp/ECTS thesis in the spring, their second semester, before they graduate. Students studying for two years can choose whether they want to do two 15 hp/ECTS thesis courses, one in the second semester and one in the fourth semester, or only one large 30 hp/ECTS thesis course during the fourth semester.

Students will select a topic and an external partner for your thesis work. The thesis is written under the guidance of a supervisor. In order to pass the Master's thesis the students must not only write and defend their thesis but they must also be opponents of another students thesis.

Courses of free choice

During semester 3 students choose an elective course on 15 hp/ECTS. The elective course can be any course on undergraduate or advanced level at Umeå university provided that you fullfill the requirements and provided that there are seats available.

Career opportunities

The programme prepares the student for qualified tasks in areas such as evaluation work, planning, and development work in contexts such as the private or public sector as well as for research. Having finished the education you can participate in activities such as design and use of IT and work in managerial positions. 

Among students with a master degree in informatics/computer- or systems science 87% received a job within a year of completing their degree, a rate highest for all general degrees. [Source: Swedish agency for higher education report 2010:19]

Career opportunities

Possible careers for a student with an IT Management Master's Degree include:

  • Project Management
  • Consulting
  • Information Systems Specialist
  • Systems Designer
  • Systems Architect
  • Development Work
  • Evaluation Work
  • Business Development
  • Entrepreneurship


Degree of Master of Science (60 credits). Main field of study: Information science. Specialisation: IT Management.
Degree of Master of Science (120 credits). Main field of study: Information science. Specialisation: IT Management.

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Contact persons for the programme are:
Student Support, Department of Informatics