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Programme syllabus:

Master's Programme in Scandinavian Studies with a Focus on Northern Studies, 120 Credits

Swedish name: Masterprogram i Skandinavistik med inriktning mot nordliga studier

This programme syllabus is valid: HT17 and until further notice

Programme code: HASKM

Credit points: 120

Registration number: 511-1742-09

Responsible faculty: Faculty of Art

Established by: Faculty of arts, 2016-09-20

Entry Requirements

The Degree of Bachelor of Arts (180 credits) in Scandinavian studies, or equivalent, with a focus on the study of the Scandinavian languages (Swedish, Norwegian and/or Danish) and cultures. Applicants yet to complete their degree at the time of application can be admitted, provided that at the start of the semester they can present proof they have been awarded the required degree. Applicants who have completed their Bachelor’s degree but whose degree has yet to be awarded at the start of the semester can be registered for the program's introductory courses and registered on the programme as soon as the awarding university confirms the award of the degree. English B/ English 6 and Swedish B/Swedish 3 or equivalent level in Norwegian or Danish.