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Arctic Sustainability Transformations

Time Thursday 27 October, 2022 at 10:15 - 12:00
Place To be announced and online

Global sustainability agendas and climate change alike reshape Arctic societies and environments at an unprecedented pace.

Changes occur in energy systems, health, education, natural resource use, rural and urban communities, and Indigenous cultures. They can be subsumed under the notion of Arctic sustainability transformations, which is here understood in a non-normative way and as an umbrella term for any profound changes connected to sustainability issues in Arctic regions. Some of these changes may be welcomed and hoped for; others may be challenged and feared. Some are local; others are planetary. Some are invisible and poorly understood.

These changes become stories about decline, success, struggle, or improvement. All transformations, however, are urgent and highly relevant to people and environments experiencing them.

About the workshop

In this workshop, we welcome researchers from all faculties to share their reflections on how they understand and approach Arctic sustainability transformations in their respective research fields or projects. This workshop aims to bring together perspectives that benefit from interdisciplinary perspectives.

As an outcome of this workshop, we would like to gather collaborators for a joint popular-scientific publication with brief reflections from individual researchers. The aim is to create a collection of examples of how researchers understand and approach the changes taking place in Arctic regions.

The workshop is led by the collaborators under the Arctic Five Chair initiative

  • Janina Priebe (Umeå University)
  • Hanna Lempinen (University of Lapland/University of Helsinki)
  • Hanna Vikström (Luleå University of Technology)

and their colleagues from the research project "Peripheral Visions - When Global Agendas Meet Nordic Energy Peripheries" (funded by Svenska Litteratursällskapet i Finland; Future Challenges of the Nordics call).

This workshop is conducted in a hybrid format (physical meeting + Zoom) and welcomes researchers from all faculties at the Arctic Five partner universities.

This workshop is jointly arranged by The Arctic Centre at Umeå University (Arcum) and the Arctic Five Chair initiative.


Registration will open in August.

Event type: Workshop
Janina Priebe
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