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New Phd positions at The Faculty of Humanities

The Faculty of Arts and Humanities at Umeå University are continuously establishing new opportunities for Phd students by creating strong research areas for the future.

Final application date February 28 2020

The doctoral students attend the Faculty of Arts and Humanities Doctoral College (FADC). Some of them will participate in PEDASK (Perspective on today's school: Postgraduate school in applied education history) and have their own resources for internationalization. Postgraduate training begins August 31, 2020.

PhD student in Archaeology

PhD student in Philosophy

PhD student in History

PhD student in History with focus on historical demography

Two PhD students in History History and Education, alternatively in Educational Work (NOTE! For these doctoral students, the deadline is March 2. They will also have an earlier start date, August 17.)

PhD student in History of Science and Ideas

PhD student in Educational Work with focus on Visual Arts, Music or Sloyd

PhD student in Theology

PhD student in Media and Communication studies

PhD student in ethnology

Doctoral student in English, Scandinavian, Sami or General Linguistics

Doctoral student in English, Russian or Spanish Literature