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Humlab HITS

Humlab HITS is an interdisciplinary and informal forum for research, education and development in the borderland between the humanities and information technology.


The seminars in Humlab HITS have the character of round tables, where the participants are persons employed in or affiliated with Humlab - or people interested in digital humanities and who want to be part of the network. Those who participate are often researchers, doctoral students, students, system developers, technicians or artists. The elements of Humlab HITS have different character and content, such as that Humlab presents the research projects our researchers and staff are involved in, workshops on research applications, presentation and discussion of texts that are work-in-progress or conversations around the table about research and research methods in the digital humanities.

Contacts Humlab HITS

Jon Svensson
IT educationalist
Evelina Liliequist
Senior research assistant, doctoral student