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Digital practice

Digital practice refer to research related to what people do with and through digital media - and preferably through the Internet, in relation to what is done and happens "offline", but also at the same time how people relate to technology.

Qualitative, ethnographic methods are mixed with quantitative, and at the center a traditional humanistic research practice with a clear critical perspective. It may be about how religion expresses itself on the Internet and how it affects religious beliefs and practices; how self-harm in social media is represented; what happens to technology gadgets during and after their "life"; digital art forms; how digital media are used in the social and cultural contexts of different minorities, as well as computer games and game cultures.

Coppélie Cocq
Moa Sandström
Stefan Gelfgren
Ulf Sandqvist

Project (in selection):
Media Places
Nature in the narrative
Pinocchio goes to church
Production and intermediation of indigenous knowledge
Social Peer-Support on the Internet among Young People with Mental Ill Health