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Text based analysis

Within the field of text-based analysis, tools and methods are developed to collect, process and analyse large amounts of text-based data, often called "big data" (but there may also be other types of information such as audio or image).

In the research projects, Humlab is involved in developing tools to search and retrieve large amounts of data. For example, researchers seek answers to how Spotify's algorithms work, how international and national agreements and regulations look and change over time. With computer-assisted text reading, textometry and topic modelling, you can download and process large amounts of text to view and interpret the text's content and context. Together with different forms of visualizations, you can demonstrate patterns in the source material, which in turn forms the basis for the researchers' interpretation and analysis.

Ben Martin
Fredrik Norén
Johan Jarlbrink
Julia Pennlert
Maria Eriksson
Pelle Snickars

Technical support and expertise:
Andreas Marklund
Roger Mähler