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ICT Services and System Development

We develope, manage and operate IT-systems for universities and even cooperate with other organizations within the public sector.

Umeå University is, through the department ICT Services and System Development (ITS), the central IT development organization for HEIs in Sweden.
ITS has been in the international forefront of developing administrative systems for the Swedish higher education sector for the past 25 years.


Adrian Erik Clarenbeek Sanchez, other position, system developer
Alexander Timander, system developer (absent)
Anders Ödin, IT systems administrator
Andreas Lindkvist, system developer (absent)
Andreas Lund, system developer
Ann-Britt Tyrbro, IT systems administrator
Anna Bjuhr, system developer
Anton Vidmark, system developer, other position
Ayham Alzoubi, IT systems administrator
Björn Wärmedal, IT systems administrator (absent)
Daniel Evertsson, system developer (absent)
Daniel Karlsson, IT systems administrator
Daniel Teglund, IT systems administrator
Dennis Hiljanen, system developer (absent)
Elias Jätte, other position, system developer
Elin Sköld, other position
Emelie Ring, system developer
Emil Dahlberg, other position, system developer
Emil Nylind, system developer
Emma Sellström, financial administrator
Erik Adamsson, system developer (absent)

I am working on the introduction of a new student mobility system.

Erik Götheson, IT systems administrator (absent)
Erik Jonsson, system developer
Erik Linder, system developer
Fredrik Domeij, IT systems administrator
Jens Mann, IT systems administrator
Joel Boman, system developer
Johan Evelönn, system developer (absent)
Jon Sandfors, IT systems administrator
Jonas Lilja, system developer
Jonathan Dartland, other position, system developer
Kenneth Lindberg, IT systems administrator
Kerstin Linder, project administrator
Kerstin Persson, system developer (absent)
Krister Löfgren, IT systems administrator
Kristoffer Granberg, other position, system developer
Kristoffer Olsson, IT systems administrator
Lars Hansson, system developer
Linda Johansson, IT systems administrator
Malin Lennartsson, system developer (absent)
Marcus Lundström, IT systems administrator
Maria Edblom Tauson, IT systems administrator

IT security specialist and a member of the SUNET CERT and team leader of UMU IRT.

Maria Vännman, system developer

FrontEnd development in NyA, former Uniface programming, ScrumMaster and project management in Ladok assignment.

Marina Södergård, financial administrator
Mats Kramer, system developer
Mattias Hagberg, other position, system developer
Mickias Zerai, other position, system developer
Mikael Stellén, IT systems administrator (absent)
Peder Fällefors, IT systems administrator
Peter Duchek, system developer
Peter Holm, system developer
Risto Järvi, IT systems administrator
Stefan Andersson, IT systems administrator
Sven Hedqvist, system developer

Systems developer with over fifteen years of experience in development of the national Ladok system.

Tage Pudas, system developer
Tomas Lövling, IT systems administrator
Tomas Nordin, system developer
Tony Granberg, IT systems administrator
Torkel Lindahl, system developer

Software tester.

Victor Zars, system developer
Åsa Jonsson, system developer (absent)