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Manual: Authority records

Authority records are an efficient method of connecting publications registered in Diva with the correct author in Umeå University. The authority record also provides an overview of the author information and the authors collected publications in Diva. The information is accessible to everyone.

Authority records in Diva

Log in to Diva using your Umu-id.

When registering a publication in Diva you can link an authority record for the author to the publication. If an author affiliated with the university does not have an authority record, one can be created.

When registering a publication, staff can update their own personal authority records with:

  • alternate names
  • ORCID-id
  • affiliation
  • year of birth
  • e-mail.

Access My authority record on the first page of the Diva administration interface to edit the authority record outside the registration process. Once there, you can edit your authority record and add information that will be displayed on your individual page in the public Diva interface. The standard setting for the authority record is that it is active and publically available, but it is possible to hide the record using the options available in "My authority record".

An ORCID-id is a persistent identifier (PID), a code that identifies you as a unique person. Find more information about ORCID and other PID:s for researchers, authors and university staff at the following link.

PID for researchers and authors

Connect an authority record during registration

  • Click on Connect authority record.
  • Search for the correct authority record using the author's name or Umu-id.

You may not need to search for the author if the record has been imported. Authority records connected to names that match imported ones will automatically appear in the search results.

  • Click on the correct authority record in order to add it to the author information on the registration form.

Connect an existing authority record

Select the record that corresponds with the author information in the publication.


  • There might be several authors with the same name – make sure you choose the correct one.
  • An author might be affiliated with more than one department.

If an author is affiliated with more than one organisation

  1. Click on the plus sign (+) to see all options.
  2. Click on the option or options that correspond to the information listed in the publication.

If you want to choose all organisations connected to the authority record, select the main option, at the top of the tree.

If the authority record does not include the correct organisation

  1. Connect the author's authority record to the entry by clicking on it.
  2. Remove the incorrect organisation information.
  3. Manually add the organisation that corresponds with the information in the publication, by selecting Choose organisation.
  4. Click on Update authority record.

Create an authority record

If an author does not yet have an authority record connected to them, it is possible to create an authority record during an ongoing registration in Diva provided the author has an Umu-id and/or an ORCID-id.

  1. Enter the author information from the publication, as well as the Umu-id and/or ORCID-id.
  2. Click on Create authority record.

Manual as PDF

A version of the manual is available in PDF-format:

Manual authority records

It is possible to print this page or save it as a PDF using the print option of your web browser.