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When your student thesis is finished

All student theses that have received a passing mark are to be registered and archived in the university publication database DiVA. If the authors of the thesis agree, the thesis can also be published in full in Diva, making it available for the general public to read. The university departments set their own routines for registration and publication of student theses in Diva.

The rules of the department apply

All student theses with a passing mark are to be registered and archived in DiVA (Digitala vetenskapliga arkivet), the university publication database. The file containing the full text of the thesis can also be published, if the author or authors of the thesis have agreed to make it public. In most cases, students are solely responsible for registering their theses in DiVA. When the registration of the thesis has been controlled and approved by the department DiVA student thesis administrator, the registration becomes visible and available in DiVA searches.

Since quality control and approval of the registration in DiVA is handled manually, the process before a thesis becomes visible in DiVA might take some time. Wait a few days before searching for the thesis in DiVA if it has just been registered. If it takes longer than that, please contact the DiVA student thesis administrator of your department.

The departments are responsible for the management of student theses and there are local differences in how the process is managed. If you have any questions about registering and publishing student theses, your department's student thesis administrator can help.

The library does not manage the administration of student theses.

If someone other than an author is to publish a thesis in DiVA

A publishing agreement needs to be filled out, signed and submitted to the department when:

  • The thesis is co-authored. All authors need to fill out a publishing agreement before the full text of the thesis can be published.
  • Someone other than the author (for example an administrator) is to register and publish the full text of the thesis in DiVA.

Usually the agreement is submitted to the department through the administrator or examiner.

The agreement below can be used if the department does not have an agreement of its own:

Publishing agreement for student thesis (94 kB)

To register, archive and publish student theses

First, check to see whether your student thesis is already registered in DiVA. If it is not, follow the manual for registering a student thesis.

Search in DiVA

Manual: Register student thesis in DiVA

Make sure all the necessary information is available to you before starting your registration. Please, remember the following:

  • The entire thesis is to be included in the PDF, including the title page and possible appendices.
  • Follow the rules of the department regarding layout and formatting.
  • If you register a thesis in full text and there are several authors to the thesis, all authors must approve by signing a publishing agreement. The signed agreement should be archived in DiVA.
Latest update: 2023-04-20