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Publishing a journal

The University Library offers a service to editorial offices who wish to publish their journals digitally on the internet. The editorial office must be affiliated to Umeå University.

E-publishing of journals with OJS

Open Journal Systems (OJS) is a system for e-publishing of journals, developed by the Public Knowledge Project, which is used by a large number of journals around the world. In addition to e-publishing of the journal, OJS provides support to the editorial workflows. OJS provides:

  • A website for the journal
  • Article submission via the journal’s website
  • A system for handling peer review routines
  • Archiving
  • Support for many article formats

The library also offers:

  • Help with setting up the journal’s website, with custom layout
  • A unique web address for the journal’s home page
  • Training of editorial office staff in OJS
  • OJS user support
  • Stable server setup
  • Daily backup

Umeå University Library Hosted Journals

Roles and responsibilities

The University Library:

  • Makes the journal content available for free via the internet.
  • Installs and provides OJS for the journal editorial office, so that the editorial team continuously can manage and publish the journal in OJS.
  • Upgrades to new versions of OJS and monitors the technical development of the platform.
  • Informs the editorial office about changes to the terms of service no later than three months before the changes are implemented.

The editorial offices using OJS through Umeå University Library are required to:

  • Have researchers who are active at Umeå University as members of the editorial team.
  • Inform and get formal permission from the concerned university faculty before starting a new journal.
  • The journal's editorial office is responsible for all aspects of the journal's content, formation, management, and publishing. No compensation claims can be raised against the University Library on account of the editorial office's use of OJS.


The University Library charges a single fee for a standard setup when starting a new journal, which is estimated to take three workdays. The standard setup includes:

  • Installation of OJS on a server and work with the journal's layout and graphical profile, according to a basic template.
  • Training of the editorial team, as well as giving instructions and continuous support.
  • Beyond the standard setup there may be an hourly fee depending on the needs of the editorial office, e.g. for the training of a new editor.


Use the library contact form for questions. Choose the option "Publishing, theses and research data". It is also possible to book professional training and researcher consultations within this area.

Latest update: 2022-08-26