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Domain specialists

Researchers can contact domain specialists in order to consult with colleagues within specific domains of research on the subject of research data management.

The domain specialists and the researchers

The mission of the domain specialists is to form a link between researchers within specific fields of research and the overarching national and international development regarding services and structures for research data management (RDM).

The role of the domain specialists towards researchers is to:

  • make relevant training available for researchers and research groups on issues concerning research data management within the specific domain of research. This, for example, includes in-house training and consultations on domain standards for metadata and data management plans (DMPs).
  • inform researchers about how to make use of the services offered by the Swedish national data service (SND)
  • work in order to increase the understanding of the value of using and publishing research openly available (open access).

Keeping up to date

Another part of the domain specialists mission is to keep up to date on issues such as open science and open access. They specialise on the link between open access and research data and follow the developments regarding RDM within their specific field of expertise.

Participation in development of infrastructures for RDM

Domain specialists participates in the on-going development of infrastructures for RDM, making sure that the specific needs of the domain is taken to account. For example, they participate in the development of standards for metadata, subject specific thesauri and controlled vocabularies, new technical services, online services and materials for RDM training.

Identifies important research materials

Beyond supporting their colleagues in their work, the domain specialists are tasked with identifying especially valuable existing data and research material. This task concerns research material that might be of significant scientific, scholarly, cultural or economical value in the future. The goal of identifying such resources is to find ways to preserve, document and curate them for future use.

Domain specialists in Umeå

The domain specialists who are affiliated with Umeå university are all specialised within the field of register-based research, in addition to their individual research areas. They are also members of the university research data group. Other researchers at the university who are active within register-based research can also offer support and consultation regarding related RDM issues if needed.

Beyond the domain specialists affiliated with Umeå university, researcher and domain specialist Ida Taberman is also located to Umeå. Taberman is a specialist on climate and environmental data and is affiliated with the Swedish university of agricultural sciences (SLU).

Contacts at Umeå University

Find and contact a domain specialist

The domain specialists of Sweden as a group are organised within the framework of the Swedish national data service (SND). Researchers can contact any of the domain specialists, regardless of seat of learning or geographical constrictions. Contact information and information on research domains can be found at the SND homepage.

Contact information (SND)

Domain specialists at the university