MIMS Clinical Research Fellowships – 2024 Call

MIMS Clinical Research Fellowships provide early-career clinicians with an opportunity to develop a research programme in the broad area of infection medicine in collaboration with a basic researcher.

MIMS is the Swedish EMBL node and part of the Nordic EMBL Partnership for Molecular Medicine. MIMS Clinical Fellowships are funded through a grant from the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation and Kempestiftelserna. MIMS is supported by the Swedish Research Council and Umeå University

What the fellowship provides  

  1. Guaranteed research time equivalent to 50% over 2 years at the fellow’s institution paid by MIMS (up to 1.2 mio SEK).
  2. Salary for a postdoctoral researcher for two years and associated research costs.
  3. The opportunity to collaborate with basic researchers at MIMS or in the Nordic EMBL Partnership, who can share expertise in areas such as, metabolomics, chemical biology, gene therapy, structural biology, imaging, bioinformatics, epidemiology, medical statistics, machine learning, cellular genomics and molecular biology.
  4. Facilitated access to research infrastructures at Umeå and Nordic EMBL through collaboration.
  5. Regular networking, training and mentorship activities among a thriving community of fellows and group leaders at courses, symposia and conferences. 

Successful applicants should: 

  • Have a strong background in research.
  • Have a good project idea in the broad area of infection medicine.
  • Hold a medical degree and a PhD and be active as clinician.
  • Be early in their research career*.
  • Work in a strong research environment, in Sweden, usually at a university hospital.
  • Present a strong case for how collaboration with researchers at MIMS or Nordic EMBL nodes can add value to their work.
  • Be willing to contribute to MIMS activities, such as symposia and conferences. 

*In previous years fellowships were awarded to clinicians up to seven years after their PhD and/or MD, whichever came last, but these numbers are only indicative. Fellowships will be awarded to maximise career impact. 

Research collaboration 
MIMS and the Nordic EMBL Partnership offer many opportunities for collaborations with preclinical researchers in our network. Applicants are encouraged to contact group leaders directly or ask the MIMS office at nora.lehotai@umu.se to facilitate. Send us a brief synopsis of your research plans well ahead of the final deadline and we shall be happy to point you towards potential collaborators.  

An independent panel of experts will evaluate proposals for how well they meet the conditions of funding. The process may involve inviting shortlisted applicants for interview. Evaluation criteria will include (1) the research excellence of the applicant and their project, (2) the impact of the fellowship on the applicant’s ability to develop a career at the interface between research and clinical practice, and (3) how much the proposed work will benefit from being part of the Nordic EMBL Partnership through collaboration and networking. 
Application process 
Applications must be submitted in English and as a single combined PDF file containing the following: 

  • CV including any other funding received, and academic and clinical achievements (2 pages).
  • A list of publications. Highlight up to five peer-reviewed publications and provide no more than three sentences explaining their relevance and your contribution.
  • A motivation letter explaining how your application meets the different conditions for funding (1 page).
  • A description of the proposed research (up to 5 pages), including a title, summary, and keywords. There should be sections providing scientific background, specific aims, any preliminary data and a research plan. Include statements explaining feasibility, clinical relevance and potential collaborative aspects or links to Nordic EMBL and MIMS research.
  • Letters of support from any collaborators, including Nordic EMBL researchers.
  • Copies of certificates for PhD/MD exam and license to practice medicine.
  • Since these are personal fellowships, we also require names and contact details of up to three references.

Applications need to be submitted by email to crfmims@umu.se no later than Monday, September 23rd 2024.  

Latest update: 2024-06-27 Page editor: Nora Lehotai

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