Information for students, faculty and staff regarding COVID-19. (Updated: 17 September 2020)

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Practically no spread of infection on campus at the start of the semester
Practically no spread of infection on campus at the start of the semester

The results show a very low prevalence of COVID-19 at the start of the semester, and no increase.

“Thanks to everyone who participated!”
“Thanks to everyone who participated!”

Sweden's so far biggest COVID-19 study has now been completed. Thousands of students and staff participated.

Millions to Umeå University in European project about Covid-19
Millions to Umeå University in European project about Covid-19

The European Commission has granted 6.8 Million Euro to the project SHARE-Covid-19.

A step towards better understanding of bacterial diseases
A step towards better understanding of bacterial diseases

Chemists together with German researchers have captured and identified bacterial toxin target substrates.

Latest news

Umeå children in worldwide school project on AI
Published: 27 Apr, 2020

Tegs Centralskola is one of few schools in the world chosen for unique UNICEF AI and children rights project.

Summer courses will be taught online
Published: 23 Apr, 2020

The Vice-Chancellor has now decided that 2020 summer courses will be held online as well.

The SCDI AI Business Lab funded by a grant from the Kempe Foundation
Published: 23 Apr, 2020

Swedish Center for Digital Innovation and the Kempe Foundation have joined to establish a unique AI Lab

Increase in study places expected at Umeå University
Published: 16 Apr, 2020

A majority of the increase in 2020 and 2021 will likely be for summer courses and foundation year studies.

Not only temperature controls the nutrient cycle in the Arctic
Published: 14 Apr, 2020

Nature Communcations: Absence of earthworms can explain why Arctic plants are starving for nitrogen.

Scientists says Corona-apps can be a risk
Published: 14 Apr, 2020

Researchers warn that Corona-apps that track people's movements and behaviors can pose great risks.

Umeå researchers' corona simulation receive international attention
Published: 09 Apr, 2020

The simulation tool supports decision makers by testing effects of measures against the corona epidemic.

Physicists produce stable water-based graphene dispersions
Published: 07 Apr, 2020

The key agent is graphene oxide. The authors have applied for patent for the method to prepare dispersions.

Protective visors for health care made quickly at Curiosum
Published: 03 Apr, 2020

The lack of protective equipment in health care has led to the machines running hot at Curiosum.

Department of Computing Science is expanding rapidly
Published: 31 Mar, 2020

One of the reasons is the ongoing large investment in AI, autonomous systems and software.

New tool exploring different paths the corona pandemic may take
Published: 30 Mar, 2020

The framework support decision makers to evaluate interventions and effects in a simulated world.

New software for solving eigenvalue problems
Published: 30 Mar, 2020

StarNEig has been developed at the Department of Computing Science.

Vital that researchers participate in the public debate
Published: 27 Mar, 2020

Hans Adolfsson clarifies the important role researchers have in communicating their research to the public.

Research project on digital twins on IVA's 100 list
Published: 26 Mar, 2020

The project is on digital twins for decision support and resource optimization in business models.

Information to our candidates, supervisors and external partners
Published: 25 Mar, 2020

All planned spring semester Industrial Doctoral School activities are cancelled due to the coronavirus.