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Brain takes a beating as arteries age
Brain takes a beating as arteries age

When arteries stiffen with age, the brain receives more load from the heart's beating that can cause damage.

Medal of Merit to plant professor
Medal of Merit to plant professor

Marianne Sommarin receives Umeå University's Medal of Merit 2019.

Prestigious medal to molecular biologist
Prestigious medal to molecular biologist

Anders Nordström, Department of Molecular Biology, receive the silver medal to Berzelius's memory.

Scientists call for new regulations for GMO
Scientists call for new regulations for GMO

In an open letter scientists call for changed European legislation on genetically modified organisms.

Energy researchers gather
Energy researchers gather

Scientists meet at Umeå University to discuss renewable energy and to test drive a hydrogen car.

New member of Royal Academy of Engineering Sciences
New member of Royal Academy of Engineering Sciences

Eric Elmroth, professor of Computing Science is appointed member of the Royal Academy of Engineering Sciences.

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If a leaf can do it – we can do it too!
Published: 27 Dec, 2018

Anurag Kawde shows that mimicking the leaf to harvest solar energy is possible in a cost effective way.

9 million to cancer research from the Sjöberg Foundation
Published: 21 Dec, 2018

Researchers Per Fransson and Daniel Öhlund receive 9 million SEK from for research in pancreatic cancer.

Umeå researcher one of five to receive Starting Grant
Published: 18 Dec, 2018

Ronnie Berntsson is one of five researchers in Sweden to receive a Swedish Foundations Starting Grant 2018.

Climate change challenges Norway spruce and its set of symbiotic microorganisms
Published: 27 Nov, 2018

Climate change will affect Norway spruce and also bacteria and fungi that live in symbiosis with the tree.

Peace prize laureate Mukwege lectures in Umeå
Published: 23 Nov, 2018

On Saturday 15 December, Nobel laureate Denis Mukwege will hold a special lecture in Aula Nordica.

More knowledge about respiration to understand oxygen-free seabeds
Published: 22 Nov, 2018

Kevin Vikström shows that a decrease in nutrient salts, and growth, does not reduce oxygen consumption.

Computer systems help healthcare staff make the right diagnosis
Published: 22 Nov, 2018

Chunli Yan is designing systems to how clinical decision support systems can be developed.

Effective data processing in the decentralised cloud infrastructure of the future
Published: 22 Nov, 2018

Amardeep Mehta developed methods to optimally allocate resources to "Mobile Edge Clouds".

Drug residues make bottom-dwelling animals walking pills
Published: 22 Nov, 2018

Annelie Lagesson shows that small bottom-dwelling organisms are the largest recipients of drug residues.

Developing molecules that disarm Listeria and Chlamydia bacteria
Published: 22 Nov, 2018

Martina Kulén develops new types of antibiotics that do not kill bacteria, but only disarm them.

Blockage of protein a possible way to obstruct injuries to radiation therapy
Published: 20 Nov, 2018

Injuries of radiation therapy against cancer can be orevented by blocking the activity of a plasma protein.

Is task-driven social media falling short in stimulating human relations?
Published: 15 Nov, 2018

Christoffel Kuenen suggests that the services provided by social media are not designed for being together.

Taking the pulse of AI in Sweden
Published: 08 Nov, 2018

A report that surveys AI and its use within various sectors in Sweden has now been published.

Large amounts of antimicrobial substances in Swedish sewage treatment plants
Published: 29 Oct, 2018

A new dissertation shows that new technology can reduce emissions from sewage treatment plants.

Abdominal obesity common among women in rural Indonesia
Published: 24 Oct, 2018

Abdominal obesity is seven times more common among women than among men in Indonesia's rural area.