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Published: 2021-12-22

Adaptation of new national COVID-19 measures: Continued on-campus education after the holidays

NEWS The latest national COVID-19 measures that come into effect on 23 December will not affect Umeå University’s teaching or research. These activities will continue with physical attendance on the University premises. For students this means that on-site teaching and examinations will generally be conducted according to plan. Although in certain cases some teaching may have to move online in order to avoid crowding.

Text: Gunilla Stendahl

All of Umeå University’s students, new and current, are welcome to visit campus. However, you must take care to not cause crowding before and after lectures or other activities on campus. It is also important to maintain distance to others in public spaces and to stay at home and get tested if symptoms arise, even mild symptoms.

Unvaccinated people must take extra responsibility to maintain distance to others.

The vaccination centre on Campus Umeå will continue to offer both drop-in vaccination and booked appointments this spring semester.

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Decision by the Vice-Chancellor