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Published: 30 Mar, 2020

Course: Ageing cognition at Bordeux School of Neuroscience

NEWS Cajal course on Ageing cognition at Bordeaux School of Neuroscience, September 14 –October 2, 2020, Bordeaux, France.

About Ageing cognition: The normal ageing process is associated with reduced performance on cognitive tasks that require quickly processing or transforming information to make a decision, including measures of speed of processing, executive cognitive function and working and relational memories. This course will cover the fundamentals of cognitive aging -including inter-individual differences, cognitive and brain reserve and risk factors- and highlight the newest functional imaging methods to study human brain function. Participants will learn the potential and limitations of these methods, through practical experience in a combination of lectures addressing ageing in both humans and animal models.

Apply here:

Application deadline: Extended to June 8, 2020.


Course flyer: CAJAL AC 2020.pdf