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Published: 14 Feb, 2020 Updated: 25 Feb, 2020, 09:43

Recommendation regarding the coronavirus COVID-19 (updated)

NEWS Umeå University is monitoring the development and is following the information and recommendations of the Public Health Authority and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) now has an increasing number of reported cases in the world. However, there are few countries other than China that have reported any spread of infection. At the present time, the affected areas are in South Korea, Italy and Iran.

Persons who have visited the areas below should be aware of respiratory symptoms such as coughing, difficulty breathing or fever, and immediately call the Healthcare Guide 1177.

The recommendations apply to:

• Hubei or other provinces provinces belonging to mainland China where the spread of infection is ongoing.
• The following regions of Italy: Lombardy, Piemonte, Emilia-Romagna and Veneto
• Iran
• South Korea

Faculty, staff and students who are in, or who are planning to travel to or from, regions with cases of the virus are highly encouraged to continuously follow the updates and recommendations provided through news media, WHO, the Public Health Agency of Sweden and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs (see the links below).

Faculty, staff and students who have recently visited or resided in countries or regions where the virus has been detected should contact their immediate superior or educational supervisor at their department.

If there is any suspicion at a department or unit about infection, the Region Västerbotten infection protection unit can always provide advise. They can be reached via Region Västerbotten's switchboard: + 46 (0)90-785 00 00. The department should also contact the university's central crises and risk management group in case of suspicion of infection.


Information from the Swedish authorities to people who have recently visited areas where the virus has been identified

Persons who have recently been to affected areas and have signs of cough and fever within the past 14 days should immediately contact the Healthcare Guide 1177.

Umeå University crises and risk management group

General preventive measures to prevent the spread of infection:

• Sneeze and cough in the arm crease.

• Regularly and thoroughly clean your hands with an alcohol-based hand rub or wash them with soap and water.

For more information:

WHO (World Health Organization)

Public Health Agency of Sweden

Government of Sweden (site in Swedish)

For more information, contact:

Per Ragnarsson
Other position, Deputy University Director
Lisa Redin
Security coordinator, head of unit