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Published: 02 Aug, 2021

SCDI AI Business Lab helps companies create business value with AI

NEWS Everyone talks about AI, but how do you start, what does it cost and what business benefits can it provide? These are questions that the new SCDI AI Business Lab at Umeå University wishes to answer at digital meetings on 8 and 10 June.

Text: Victoria Skeidsvoll

 “We want to share our knowledge and latest findings and support business and society in their development work. Therefore, we invite you to digital meetings where we tell more about ourselves and what opportunities there are,” says Daniel Skog, postdoctoral fellow at the Department of Informatics and project manager at SCDI AI Business Lab at Umeå University.

Competence increasingly important

The large companies have already realized the opportunities that artificial intelligence, AI, can provide and have begun their development work. Smaller companies, often their subcontractors, are often lagging behind and there is a risk of creating an imbalance.

“This is one of the challenges we want to be involved in overcoming,” says Daniel Skog.

The lab was established through support from the Kempe Foundations and is part of the national initiative Swedish Center for Digital Innovation. The purpose is to conduct research at a high international level in collaboration with industry and public actors.

“At Umeå University, we focus on concrete and business-related collaborations to offer digital solutions and AI expertise to those who want to take their organization further with the help of the new technical solutions that exist,” says Daniel Skog.

Digital meetings

SCDI AI Business Lab wants to raise awareness and knowledge about the possibilities and challenges of digitalisation.

“We see how our external partners in both business and the public sector are either working with AI or are about to launch investments in AI. The competence issue is the main bottleneck for creating value from AI. SCDI AI Business Lab will be a key to success with this,” says Jonny Holmström, professor at the Department of Informatics and director and founder of the Swedish Center for Digital Innovation and SCDI AI Business Lab.

The business started in the middle of a burning pandemic, yet collaborations are already underway and SCDI AI Business Lab at Umeå University is now hoping for more.

“That is why we now invite you to digital meetings that are open to decision-makers in business, industry and society. Our focus is to see how AI can create value in businesses and at the same time build competence around conditions and needs,” says Daniel Skog.

Several forms of cooperation

There is nothing to lose by participating or starting a collaboration. For example, a company may bring in a student to look at a specific issue in digitization or AI. Another organization may prefer to start a larger development project in collaboration with several researchers.

“One can also imagine further education aimed specifically at senior executives in companies or research projects together with other companies where we are seeking joint funding. The main thing is that we meet to review together what opportunities there are and what it can lead to,” says Daniel Skog.

How to create business value

The digital meetings take place on Tuesday 8 June at 13.00 - 15.00 and Thursday 10 June at 10.00 - 12.00. The following issues will be raised:

• What is SCDI, SCDI AI Business Lab and what forms of collaboration are there for your organization?

• The business benefits of AI – where is it and what role does AI play in organizations' digital transformation?

• More about the new self-assessment tool that will simplify the process and create business value.

• Presentation of the new AI platform Peltarion, where you can see what opportunities there are without having previous experience of programming.

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For more information, please contact:

Daniel Skog
Associate professor