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Planning Office

The Planning Office deals with issues related to overall planning and follow-up of all activities, quality and evaluation issues in primary, secondary and science education. The planning unit also provides administrative support to the university management.


I work with questions regarding doctoral education such as rules, regulations and quality assurance issues. If you have any questions regarding these issues, please contact me. I also scan and analyse the environment with a special focus on the higher education area.

Kristoffer Lindell, project leader

Project leader in the area research infrastructure and research information.

Mikael Wiberg, other position

Mikael Wiberg is a professor in Informatics. He is author of the book "The Materiality of Interaction: Notes on the materials of interaction design" (2018) MIT Press.

Per Ragnarsson, other position

I hold the position as deputy university director and budget director at Umeå University. I am also head of the Planning Office.

Sune Karlsson, other position, senior consultant