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Child and Family Law

Research group Child and Family Law is a research theme that brings together researchers and lecturers with focus on all aspects of private and public law affecting children, youth and families.

Traditionally, most of an individuals' needs were met by or seen as the responsibility of their close or extended families, which was clearly mirrored in legal regulation. With the introduction of the welfare state, certain obligations remain the province of the family, and other obligations have been transferred through law to the nation, to local governments, and even arguably to the market. The family nonetheless continues to provide an important component of most individuals' economic and social support and protection; this applies particularly to children and young adults.

Projects within this theme explore these and similar issues, from private-law inheritance, property division and support issues to social- and administrative law issues regarding social benefits to families, children's rights, and the legal regulation of schools' and families' relationships to children. These questions are often examined from gender, child's rights, or other critical perspectives. The children's rights research includes a focus on parental child abuse, children's access to justice and child lawyering. Research into diverse family forms, sexuality and the law, and interdisciplinary research projects are also a natural fit with the theme.

If you are interested in working with us or for further information on our theme and its research, please contact any member of our group.

Head of research

Viola Boström
Associate professor
Maria Forsman
Associate professor


Participating departments and units at Umeå University

Department of Law

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