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Digital Law

Research group This research group includes researchers who work in different ways with the nexus between legal rights and new technologies and technological innovations, such as information technology and the emerging digital society.

With new innovations follow new legal problems, opportunities and challenges, but they also turn established legal areas, issues and principles on their head. Weare also interested in how the quantitative analysis of available digital legal materials can supplement traditional judical analysis.

Examples of research questions:

  • What legal opportunities and challenges arise for individuals and companies when technologies allow the break down of boundaries? How can such challenges eventually be resolved?
  • How is the legal relationship between state and individual influenced by developments in surveillance, big data and social media?
  • How can fundamental legal values such as predictability and legal certainty be upheld in a digital context?
  • How are citizen's legitimate expectations regarding the protection of personal data safeguarded in a digitalized administration?
  • How are new types of crime and increasingly digitialised criminality handled legally? What sources and methods do courts use?
  • How is the problem of explosive technological and digital development handled in a legal system that is characterized by slow changes? And how should the legislation be designed to address specific technical developments without the risk of immediately becoming obsolete?
  • Should legislation be designed specifically for crime on the Internet, or is it only the arena and not the offenses that are new?
  • The capacity of rights and legal discourse to provide a critical approach to technological development.

Head of research

Jan Leidö
Associate professor


Participating departments and units at Umeå University

Department of Law

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Latest update: 2018-11-28