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Probabilistic Midwinter Meeting 2023

January 11-12


This web page will be updated with a list of participants, talks, and schedule for the two days.

The first talk will start att 9.00 on the 11th, in room MC313 of the MIT-building.

Meeting schedule


Partial list of participants

Vilhelm Agdur, Uppsala

Jason Behrsock, City University of New Yok and Columbia University

Tom Britton, Stockholm

Fabian Burghart, Uppsala

Suman Chakraborty, Uppsala

Altar Çiçeksiz, Umeå Universitet

Joel Danielson Lund

Maria Deijfen, Stockholm

Colin Desmarais, Vienna

Henrik Ekström,  Lund

Victor Falgas Ravry, Umeå

Annika Heckel, Uppsala

Svante Janson, Uppsala

Tony Johansson, Göteborg

Lorents Landgren, Chalmers

Tiffany Lo, Uppsala

Per-Håkan Lundow Umeå

Klas Markström, Umeå

Samuel Modee, Bergen

Christoffer Olsson, Uppsala

Eero Räty, Umeå

Matteo Sfragara, Stockholm

Maryam Sharifzadeh,  Umeå

Jonas Sjöstrand,  Mälardalen

Fiona Skerman, Uppsala

Paul Thévenin, Uppsala

Istvan Tomon, Umeå

Johannes Vermant, Umeå

Timo Vilkas , Chalmers

Stanislav Volkov, Lund


Accomodation in Umeå

The hotel closest to the university is Hotell Björken, The University Hospital Hotel, but it is often booked-up by patients staying at the hospital and their relatives. There are however plenty of nice hotels available in the centre of Umeå, which is just a 20 minutes walk or a 5 minutes bus-ride away from the university.

For some of the more stylish options there are Stora Hotellet, Elite Hotel Mimer, Clarion Hotel and Comfort Hotel Winn. Mid-range options include U&Me hotell, which is a staff-less hotel (make sure you ask for a room high up, and facing the river!) and the family-run Hotel Uman. Finally for some more modest options you can try Hotell Pilen and Hotell gamla fängelset (the latter is the reconverted old city gaol, where you can spend the night safely behind bars), both of which are located between the town centre and the university. 

Umeå hotel map


Latest update: 2023-03-13