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RiseB thesis prize in sustainability and business ethics

The Research Institute for Sustainability and Ethics in Business at Umeå School of Business, Economics and Statistics awards an annual thesis prize to encourage business students to become interested in and immerse themselves in sustainability and business ethics. Eligible to apply for the prize are students in business administration who have written a thesis on the bachelor or master levels where the main focus is sustainability and business ethics. The winner is awarded 25 000 kr.

The current call directs a special invitation to high-quality theses that focus on the topic of circular economy, and that deepens our knowledge about the various aspects of the transition from a linear to a more circular society. Other theses that fulfil the nomination criteria are also welcome as usual.

Thesis prize partner

The RiseB thesis prize is awarded in cooperation with Umeå Energi that have made the financing possible.


To be considered for the prize the thesis shall be written for obtaining a degree in business administration at a Swedish university or university college. This means that theses that treat issues related to organization, leadership, finance, accounting, marketing and entrepreneurship can be nominated only if they also focus on some aspect of sustainability and/or business ethics. Sustainability here means "development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs". Within this, foremost ecological, social and cultural aspects are considered, but also economic and ethical.

In addition to the above, the following aspects are relevant to be considered:

  • Originality regarding topic and/or method
  • Academic quality and rigor
  • The thesis' contribution to the subjects of business administration and/or sustainability, and business ethics
  • Research relevance and contribution to the development of new research questions
  • Practical connection and relevance/importance to society at large (including the business community)

Nomination Procedure

Director of studies, thesis responsible or similar at each business administration department at Swedish universities and university colleges have the right to nominate one thesis to represent each business school/department. The thesis must be written and approved during the year 2021 as well as plagiarism controlled and be in full text in the respective department's public thesis database (DiVA or similar) at the time of nomination. Nominations are made by filling in the form in accordance with the instructions there:

Last day to nominate a thesis is January 10.

Nomination is now closed and the jury has started its work.


A jury consisting of representatives from academia, industry and the civil society sector will assess the theses.

The jury consists of

To be announced.

Prize money

Winners will be announced on three months after the deadline for nominations. Prize winners will be invited to USBE and RiseB yearly graduation ceremony and ball. The prize is awarded in the form of a grant of SEK 25 000. Second - and third prize runners up will be awarded an honorable mention which is also published on RiseB's website.

Previous prize winners


Questions about the thesis prize should be addressed to Maxim Vlasov.