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Theme eHealth

Theme eHealth is one of three thematic environments within the Faculty of Medicine. The overall focus on eHealth at Umeå University includes the development of a faculty-wide strategic infrastructure, UMeHealth.

The objective is to build an organization at the University that supports the development of interdisciplinary research and education, collaboration with external actors, and long-term financial sustainability of eHealth research projects. Theme eHealth, initiated by the Faculty of Medicine, is part of this initiative.

The vision for Theme eHealth is that Umeå University will be nationally renowned for performing eHealth research with high quality research methods and publications in reputable international scientific journals.

In Theme eHealth we work towards this vision by creating creative meeting places for PhD students, researchers, and clinicians where eHealth projects in various forms are presented and discussed. These meeting places can be seminars, lectures, journal clubs, workshops or mini-conferences that contribute to the development of new knowledge of interest to health sciences.


Research course
eHealth - Concepts, principles and methods for healthcare in a digital age. 3ECTS

The course give an overview of the foundations of eHealth and Medical Informatics including research methodologies. The purpose of the course is to provide the doctoral student the opportunity to apply new knowledge in theme discussions and explore, partly hands-on, the potentials in developing and applying digital tools, which are relevant to the doctoral student´s research topic. The following themes are included: ICT-based interventions; design and development of "behaviour change systems" and decision-support systems; the professional's perspective: change of work practices when introducing new digital tools; and the citizen's perspective on digital aids for health, e.g., ethics, equality, equity, autonomy, self-management

More information:

Robyn Schimmer (coordinator)