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The ancient and environmental DNA Lab (aeDNA Lab)

Research infrastructure A clear lab for modern DNA-free operations

Analysis of ancient and environmental DNA (aeDNA) is a rapidly expanding scientific field, opening up exciting new possibilities to address paleoenvironmental, ecological and evolutionary research questions. The aeDNA-based studies require a DNA-free working environment to eliminate false signals from modern DNA contamination. The Department of Ecology and Environmental Science (EMG) established an aeDNA lab at Umeå University in 2018.

Lab information

  • The lab consists of a shower room, 1st preparation room, 2nd preparation room (here you change to clean suit, mask, etc.), and the operation lab.
  • The operation lab has positive air pressure, accompanied by a HEPA air filter system at 40 l/s.
  • Both the preparation room and the operation lab have UV sterilization systems and alarms installed.
  • The a/eDNA lab provides the space for DNA extraction and pre-PCR preparations. The lab contains a -20°C freezer, a 4°C fridge, a droplet generator (for droplet digital PCR only), a centrifuge for Eppendorf tubes, an UV crosslinker, an oven with rotators, a biological hood, a notebook computer, shelves, and working benches.

Tasks that can be performed in the lab

  • DNA extraction from paleo- and environmental samples
  • aeDNA storage
  • Pre-DNA amplification (PCR) preparations
  • Droplets generation for droplet digital PCR (ddPCR) for DNA quantification
  • Total DNA/RNA quantification using Fluorometer (Qubit)
  • Library preparation for metagenomics


Steering board


Doreen Yu-Tuan Huang
Postdoctoral fellow



Doreen Yu-Tuan Huang
Postdoctoral fellow
Latest update: 2022-11-29