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Arctic Centre at Umeå University (Arcum)

Research infrastructure The Arctic Centre at Umeå University (Arcum) provides a unique opportunity for researchers at Umeå University to deepen the Arctic perspectives in their research, network and strengthen their profile in Arctic and northern questions. Through Arcum researchers gain access to applying for strategic funds, participate in Arctic conferences, talks and seminars as well as find cross disciplinary collaborations in their own questions.

Arcum has since 2012 built up a successful platform as Sweden’s only and leading university based Arctic research Centre. We here at Arcum hold important positions in the international Arctic research organizations and we have built an important network within and outside the Academy. Within Umeå University Arcum has developed a concept of cross disciplinary research answers to the questions of today and the future.

Currently, over 300 researchers are affiliated to Arcum. This gives us a strong base of successful researchers, several of them whom are nationally leading in their field, whilst at the same time new areas of research and early careers scientists continually connect to us. Arctic research at Umeå University encompasses all faculties, and also all three prioritizes areas in Sweden’s national strategy.

Arcum works with coordination, awareness, communication, publications and we are responsible for several events and synergies between projects. Arcum’s importance has been confirmed at several different levels, from the University itself to regional- and national governance as well as international actors. Through us researchers obtain new means of raising awareness about themselves and their work, but also collaborative projects.

Arcum is often wanted by government organizations who requires knowledge and entryways into the Arctic world, and already have taken upon them important international Arctic missions. Umeå University also calls for increased national funds to develop Arcum into a national Arctic Centre and several large research projects have been obtained during Arcum’s existence.

Through Arcum, Umeå University clarifies it’s will and capacity to meet Arctic challenges, for example through unique research infrastructures, excellent possibilities for both cross disciplinary and cross subject collaborations, as well as a clear will to collaborate with citizens, societies and companies in the North.


Anngelica Kristoferqvist
Other position, project assistant
Lena Maria Nilsson
Other position, project coordinator
Linda Lundmark
Other position, associate professor
Latest update: 2020-02-03