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Information for students, faculty and staff regarding COVID-19. (Updated: 26 February 2021)


Collaborate with us

Do you need chemical tools to help you in your research? The primary objective of CBCS is to provide a national research infrastructure in chemical biology. CBCS can assist you in a number of ways - what can we help you with?

I want to run a project with CBCS 

All projects together with CBCS start with an informal meeting, web-based or at one of our facilities in Umeå or at Karolinska Institute, to discuss the background and objectives of the project. After that we will guide you towards the next step in the process.

CBCS works according to a collaborative research model based on mutual commitment from our group and the involved Investigator. Our collaborations range from limited consultations and open-access instrumentation, to complex full-scale projects spanning several years from start to finish. No service is too small and no challenge too great. Smaller projects and actions requiring only limited time and resources can usually be accommodated quickly and without a formal application review.

I need help to develop an assay that is suitable for high throughput screening

Develop an assay for high throughput screening requires both another way of thinking and advanced instrumentation that allows you to work with thousands of samples in very low volumes. We have both the instrumentation and the know-how to guide you through the process. Working with us in developing the assay is the first step in the screening process. We are there to help you.  

I want to do a SAR with a known compound

Access to synthetic organic and medicinal chemistry is a central component of chemical biology and critical for the further development of primary screening hits.  Our chemistry teams consist of highly experienced, senior synthetic chemists with a background from both academia and the pharmaceutical industry, providing each project with unique insight into the molecular basis of the system being studied. Contact us for more information.

I want to order from the SciLifeLab compound collection

If you don't need the experties from CBCS and just want to order a set of compounds, you are free to contact the SciLifeLab compound center for ordering. Necessary information you can find in their home page

I'm not sure how I can use chemical biology in my research

Just come by and visit us in the KBC building, floor 4C, or send us an email. Let us hear about your research and we take it from there.

I want to know more about high throughput screening

Take a look at our course site. We have a 2 ECTS web-based introductory course in HTS that you can study at your own pace. This course will give you a broad overview and insight to the field. We recommend all our project collaborators to take this course. Occasionally we also give a practical course of one week that gives you the necessary skills to plan and set up an HTS-assay for screening.

The Academic Compound Collection - ACC

The Academic Compound Collection – ACC , is  currently under construction to build up a unique set of academic compounds. We expect these compounds to populate unique regions of chemical space that in many cases have not yet been explored and therefore have great potential for biological screening.

Chemists are offered to submit their prepared compounds to a  screening collection. Most of these compounds have not been interrogated by any biological assay and therefore constitute a valuable and yet untapped resource. By formation of ACC, the compounds has the possibility to be screened in a large number of assays by users of the CBCS national screening infrastructures. This may lead to new collaborations between chemists and biologists.

Please, contact us for more information. You may also find more information at our national website.