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Examples of publications using the FISH technics in different projects


Examples of former publications around FISH

  • Lee, N. M., Meisinger, D. B., Schmid, M., Rothballer and F. E. Löffler. 2011. Fluorescence in situ hybridization in geomicrobiology. In: Encyclopedia in Geobiology. Eds H.J. Reitner and V. Thiel. Springer Verlag, pp 854-880. The current online version contains a few errors and lacks partly figure text.
  • Engel, S. A., Meisinger, D. B., Porter, M. L, M. Schmid, Stern, L. A., K. H. Schleifer and N. M. Lee. 2010. Linking phylogenetic and functional diversity to nutrient spiraling in microbial mats from Lower Kane Cave (USA). ISME Journal 4, 98–110.
  • Pavlekovic, M., Schmid, M. C., Schmider,-Poignee N., Spring, C., Pilhofer, M., Gaul , T., Fiandaca, M., Loeffler, F. E., Jetten, M., K.-H. Schleifer and N. M. Lee. 2009. Optimization of three FISH procedures for in situ detection of anaerobic ammonium oxidizing bacteria in biological wastewater treatment. Journal of Microbiological Methods 78:119-126.
  • Pilhofer, M., Pavlekovic, M., Lee, N., W. Ludwig, W. and K. H. Schleifer. 2009. Concomitant identification of diazotrophic bacteria and detection of nifH mRNA by using fluorescence in situ hybridization. Systematic Applied Microbiology 32: 186-192.
  • Dalhammar, G., Lee, N. M. and A. Norström. 2008. The microbial characterization of a hydroponic treatment step for domestic wastewater - towards an expanded view on the plant-microbial hydroecology. Journal of Environmental Engineering and Science 7(6): 635-644.
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