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Latest News from the Proteomics Core Facility Umeå

Collaboration with Mass Spectrometry Proteomics Laboratory at the BMC Uppsala

Starting from 2019 the Mass Spectrometry Proteomics Laboratory at the BMC Uppsala and the KBC Proteomics Core Facility collaborate. The goal of this collaboration is improving the quality of the analytical applications and services by joining knowledge and access to analytical instrumentation, and offering researchers the best possible services. The KBC Proteomics Core Facility greatly appreciates this fantastic opportunity because the expertise at these two laboratories complements each other very well. For instance, the Mass Spectrometry Proteomics laboratory at the BMC Uppsala have profound experience in the analysis of human and animal samples, while the KBC Proteomics Core Facility have good knowledge in the analysis of plant samples. For an overview of the currently available applications please go the section Applications and services.

Staff updates

Professor Gunnar Wingsle, who was leading the facility from 2010 to 2018, has left the facility. Dr. Joakim Bygdell who contributed with his excellent skills in quantitative proteomics is now working fulltime with bioinformatics for NBIS. Their excellent work for the KBC Proteomics Core Facility is greatly appreciated. The current staff is Thomas Kieselbach who will continue the work of the facility within the limits of the available resources.