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Research data management infrastructure

Resources and support concerning research data management (RDM), including data management plans (DMP:s).

The university library and the research data management services of the university

The university library has, by the principal, been assigned the main responisbility of coordinating and constructing a local organisation for services toward researchers in their work with research data management. Thomas Kieselbach is the coordinator of the university functions regarding research data management.

The library can offer support on issues regarding data management plans and research data management plans. Contact us at:

The university research data group

The members of the Umeå university research data group consist of the members of the local Data Access Unit (DAU) and the SND domain specialists who are based in Umeå.

Members of DAU:

  • Chatarina Larson, Unit director/senior legal advisor at Vice-Chancellor's Office
  • Sören Berglund, head of IT at IT Office
  • Kristoffer Lindell, Project leader at Planning Office and head of operations at Grants Office
  • Thomas Kieselbach, coordinator for research data operations

The domain specialists who are members in the university research data group, and active researchers at Umeå university are:

  • Anders Brändström
  • Christel Häggström
  • Karina Nilsson
  • Xavier de Luna

Adjuncted member is Ida Taberman, domain specialis at Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Umeå.

Domain specialists

The role of the domain specialist is to support their researcher colleagues in their work with research data management. Swedish national data service (SND) is the coordination unit of research data management on a national level, and on the SND homepage one can find contact information to all of the domain specialists in Sweden - as well as comprehensive information on research data management work från a national perspective.

Contact information to domain specialists on a national level:

SND contact information

Research data coordinator

The library research data team

The university research data group

Kristoffer Lindell
Other position, project manager
Chatarina Larson
Head of office, legal officer
Christel Häggström
Senior research assistant
Karina Nilsson
Associate professor