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Small-Animal Ultrasound Imaging Platform

Research infrastructure Ultrasound - Vevo 3100 system

The ultrasound is a part of SARIF (link)


What you need to do before you can start using the Vevo3100 ultrasound system:

  1. Contact, see the form below
  2. Initial meeting to discuss how to best use the ultrasound system for your study
  3. Approved ethical permission for ultrasound procedure, including hair removal and anesthetics.
  4. The researcher must be familiar with animal handling techniques and anatomy needed for the study.

What we offer:
Introduction at the ultrasound lab and the anesthesia system. If you intend to use the system located at the infectious area, you need to make sure you have access for your work.

  1. Set up the protocol.
  2. Pilot scan.
  3. Learning how to run the system.

What you must do:

  1. Have a correct and approved ethical permission for the methods included.
  2. Have actual knowledge about the organ/system of interest i.e. how your images should look like.
  3. Bring animals and supply needed for the experiment such as isoflurane or other anesthetics, shaver/ hair removal cream, soft cloths or similar. Injectable/ syringes etc.

After using the system, it must be carefully cleaned from hair and creams. NB! Use only water. The scan head membranes are really thin and delicate and MUST be handled carefully.

Fill up the isoflurane container when finished, and turn off the ventilation.

Included in the introduction (approx. 1100 SEK for the system and two hours cost for educators, that will be charged separately).

A pilot study for 1-2 animals, including image analysis.                       

The cost for using the system is approx. 450SEK/h (March 2021). If the researcher intends to use the systems >400 h/ year, will have a reduced cost, 20 000 SEK. 

External funding

Contact Small-Animal Ultrasound Imaging Platform

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