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The Council for Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Systems at Umeå University, RAI

RAI works to strengthen and develop existing research and education in AI at Umeå University.

The council is a university-wide advisory and preparatory body in support of the rector and other university management as well as for the exchange of experience between faculties and teacher training colleges in the field of artificial intelligence and autonomous systems.

The Council is specifically responsible for

  • produce proposals for the rector on the strategic direction for the university board's investment
  • preparation of proposals for the rector of a university-wide strategy for AI at Umeå University
  • to make proposals to the Rector in priority areas that are to be covered by the initiative decided by the University Board or for other funds and appropriations added to the area
  • to make proposals to the Vice-Chancellor on follow-up of the initiative from the University Board and criteria for these
  • to be coordinating for activities in the area at the university and advising how these are communicated within and outside Umeå University

Read more and download the new AI strategy here, (only available in Swedish). Terms of reference for the Council for Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Systems can be found here, (only in Swedish).

RAI at Umeå University


Vice-Rector Katrine Riklund, Faculty of Medicine


Jenny Persson, Faculty of Medicine
Helena Lindgren, Faculty of Science and Technology
Simon Lindgren, Faculty of Social Science
Pär Sundström, Faculty of Arts and Humanities
Ulrika Gustafsson, Faculty of Social Science
Lars Lindsköld, Region Västra Götaland


Joacim Rocklöv, Faculty of Medicine
Virginia Dignum, Faculty of Science and Technology
Therese Enarsson, Faculty of Social Science
Karin Danielsson, Faculty of Arts and Humanities


New comprehensive ecosystem of qualified AI research

New decision from Vice-Chancellor about AI.