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Research groups


Age, Ageing and Social Welfare
Social work research related to age, ageing and social welfare
Research area: Social work
AI and society
DIGSUM's group for AI and society is focused on analysing and understanding the social implications of artificial intelligence and autonomous...
Alireza Salami-research group
Wallenberg Molecular Medicine Fellow: Neurosciences Cognitive neuroscience of aging
Amir Sherif lab
Research area: Cancer
Anders Bergh lab
Research area: Cancer
Anders Hofer
We study biosynthetic pathways of nucleotides in T. brucei, G. lamblia, B. burgdorferi and other pathogens.
Anders Johansson Lab
We work with infection epidemiology - to track infection and understand how bacteria and viruses are spread.
Research area: Infection biology
Anders Olofsson
Amyloid Fibrils and Cytotoxic Oligomers.
Anders Sjöstedt
Type VI secretion system of Francisella tularensis –  elucidation of its structure and assembly control.
Research area: Infection biology
Andre Mateus lab
Understanding how proteins function and interact in the species of the human gut microbiome.
Andrea Puhar lab
Endogenous danger signals in infection and inflammation - Andrea Puhar's lab
Research area: Infection biology
Andreas Hörnblad lab
Gene regulatory mechanisms in obesity-associated liver cancer and development
Research area: Cancer, Molecular medicine
Andrei Chabes Lab
dNTPs and maintenance of genome stability.
Andy Ohlin lab
In our lab we focus on the development of novel inorganic materials for the modern society.