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Research groups


Aftab Nadeem Lab
Bacteria secreted effector molecules: Role in host pathogenesis and biotechnological applications.
Research area: Infection biology
Age and Justice
The Age and Justice teaching and research theme brings together researchers and teachers with an interest in age as a factor in (the theories and...
Research area: Law
Age, Ageing and Social Welfare
Social work research related to age, ageing and social welfare
Research area: Social work
AI and society
DIGSUM's group for AI and society is focused on analysing and understanding the social implications of artificial intelligence and autonomous...
Air pollution and health
Research team looking at exhaust gases, road dust, wood smoke and forest fire smoke.
How does work environment, health and productivity are affected by working in different office environments?
Alireza Salami-research group
Wallenberg Molecular Medicine Fellow: Neurosciences Cognitive neuroscience of aging
Research area: Ageing research, Neurosciences
ALS Research Umeå
The ALS Research Center at Umeå University and University Hospital of Northern Sweden, Region Västerbotten, was established in 1993 and the...
Research area: Clinical medicine
Amir Sherif lab
Research area: Cancer
Anders Bergh lab
Research area: Cancer
Anders Hofer
We study biosynthetic pathways of nucleotides in T. brucei, G. lamblia, B. burgdorferi and other pathogens.
Anders Johansson Lab
We work with infection epidemiology - to track infection and understand how bacteria and viruses are spread.
Research area: Infection biology
Anders Olofsson
Amyloid Fibrils and Cytotoxic Oligomers.