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Industrial Doctoral School for Research and Innovation

The Industrial Doctoral School for Research and Innovation creates opportunities for collaboration between Umeå University researchers, business and the public sector through jointly funded research projects. Together with an external part, the doctoral student and supervising researcher work for four years with a common problem that needs to be explored. We have trained close to 70 researchers together with more than 50 external partners.

Funds for financing doctoral students in collaboration projects

The Industrial Doctoral School (IDS) at Umeå University is funding doctoral research projects. The next application period is in March 2023.

Apply for seed money to establish and develop collaboration with an external organisation

Seed money can be applied for all-year-round.

Template for application

Contact us

Patrik Rydén, director

Contact me if you have questions about current announcements, the application procedure or are looking for information about the Industrial Doctoral School in general.

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Charlotta Sundin, coordinator

Contact me if you have general questions about our activities, the application procedure or are looking for information about the courses, workshops and external visits that we arrange for doctoral students.

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Linda Pommer, coordinator

Contact me if you have general questions about our activities, the application procedure or are looking for information about the courses, workshops and external visits that we arrange for doctoral students.

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Sara-Lena Brännström, communications officer

Contact me if you have questions about the web, press, communication or have a news tip. I can also guide you further in general questions about the Industrial Doctoral School.

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Teresa Bergner, ekonomi

Contact me if you have questions regarding finances, such as invoicing.

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Deepen your knowledge

Read onepager

Read/download onepager about the Industrial Doctoral School

About the Industrial Doctoral School

The Industrial Doctoral School for Research and Innovation creates a valuable network linking Umeå University with the private and public sectors. We work actively to create new collaborations and to realise project ideas for collaborative projects.

The Industrial Doctoral School is based on doctoral students who work for four years on an issue that requires exploration, in a collaboration between Umeå University and an external party such as a business, public authority or non-governmental organisation. Each doctoral student is supervised by one of the university’s researchers and mentored by an employee of the external party.

The Industrial Doctoral School supports project proposals from all of the university’s disciplinary research domains. Projects are funded by the university and the external party, with Umeå University bearing at least 50% of the costs of the doctoral student’s salary and expenses.

Doctoral students are members of an interdisciplinary research group and study a tailored programme of courses, as well as having the opportunity to undertake placements with the external organisation.

The Industrial Doctoral School’s mission is to:

  • increase interaction between the university and society at large in both the public and private sectors;
  • tailor a third-cycle programme that prepares the doctoral student for professional practice with increased collaboration within and outside academia;
  • develop and take full advantage of research projects that combine a high level of scientific quality with significant societal benefits;
  • increase collaboration between the university and businesses, the public sector and non-profit organisations;
  • deepen relationships with the companies and organisations that take part in the Industrial Doctoral School; 
  • initiate new relationships between strategic areas of research and companies and organisations.

Being a PhD student

Alongside their regular departmental research group, the researchers who work at the Industrial Doctoral School are part of an interdisciplinary research group. This group is allocated a course package of 15 higher education credits to strengthen the doctoral student’s collaborative ability and equip them for professional practice with knowledge over and above their own area of scientific expertise.

A doctoral studentship also includes three months of placements with the external organisation. Taken together, this provides a strong personal platform for qualified work within research and development.

Read about the course outline

The external partners of the Industrial Doctoral School

Over 50 companies and other organisations currently participate or have participated in collaborations as external parties. Here are the names of our active external partners (correct at the time of publication):

Boliden Mineral AB
Cementa AB
Codemill AB
Envix AB
Ericsson Research
Evangeliska frikyrkan/Interact Region Asia
Institutet för språk och folkminnen
MacGregor Sweden AB
MoRe Research AB
Nordkalk AB
Norwegian Institute for Water research, NIVA
Region Västerbotten
Riksorganisationen Hela Sverige ska leva
Sartorius Stedim Data Analytics
Semper AB
SMA Mineral AB
Svenska Fotbollförbundet
Svenska Innebandyförbundet
Sveriges Riksidrottsförbund
Totalförsvarets forskningsinstitut, FOI
Umeå Energi AB
Volvo GTO
Örnsköldsviks kommun
Östersunds kommun

International networks

The Industrial Doctoral School for Research and Innovation at Umeå University is part of the network European Industrial Doctoral School (EIDS) together with universities in Germany, Belgium, Portugal and Wales. Each year, EIDS holds an international workshop for doctoral students from each higher education institution.

No workshops are currently being held due to the ongoing pandemic.


The Industrial Doctoral School is managed by a steering committee that reports directly to the vice-chancellor. The chair of the steering committee is the Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Innovation and Collaboration and its members are representatives of teaching staff from the university’s four faculties, as well as three representatives of external public and private-sector stakeholders.

Associate Professor Patrik Rydén has been the Director of the Industrial Doctoral School since 2020.

Steering group


Dieter Müller, vicerektor vid Umeå universitet

Teacher representatives:

Jonas Nilsson, forskare, Institutionen för strålningsvetenskaper, Medicinska fakulteten
Johan Trygg, professor, Kemiska institutionen, Teknisk-naturvetenskapliga fakulteten
Torkel Molin, universitetslektor/prodekan, Institutionen för kultur- och medievetenskaper, Humanistiska fakulteten
Jessika Wide, universitetslektor, Statsvetenskapliga institutionen, Samhällsvetenskapliga fakulteten

External representatives:

Åsa Fällman, biträdande näringslivschef, Umeå kommun
Malin Andersson,  Coordinator, Volvo Cab Competence Center
Ingrid Undén Lindehell, HR-chef, VAKIN

Co-opted members:

Patrik Rydén, universitetslektor, föreståndare Företagsforskarskolan vid Umeå universitet
Åsa Boily, kanslichef, teknisk-naturvetenskaplig fakultet vid Umeå universitet



Doctoral projects

PhD projects IDS14

Nine projects started in IDS14. Five of the doctoral students have defended their dissertations.

PhD projects IDS16

12 projects are underway in IDS16, soon the doctoral students will start defending their dissertations.

PhD projects IDS18

Fifteen projects are underway in the IDS18 group that started in 2018.

PhD projects in IDS 20

Eight PhD projects are starting in IDS20.

Scientific publications

Our doctoral students continuously publish scientific articles. We collect them on this page.

New dissertations

Here you can read press releases about the latest dissertations from the Industrial Doctoral School.

Latest news

Reduced climate impact by better insight in life cycle assessment

The right tools are key to ensure investment decisions that reduce global emissions, new thesis shows.

MIMS Spotlight Series: Nóra meets Ionut Sebastian Mihai

PhD student Ionut Sebastian Mihai is affiliated with MIMS and Industrial Doctoral School and studies T cells.

Student receives award for Master's thesis

Amanda Vikström receives The Swedish Flame Research Committee's prize for outstanding degree project.

Heating system of a building help reduce carbon dioxide emissions and energy cost

Anjan Rao Puttige, Industrial Doctoral School, used the hospital as a case study in his dissertation.

Exchange student rewarded for limestone project

Leane van Dijk from the Netherlands received a prize for the exam project she did at Umeå University.

Highly fluorinated chemicals can enter the environment via our household waste

The leaking substances that Sofie Björklund studied, PFAS, are very stable and do not break down in nature.

Alumni portrait

The Industrial Doctoral School is more than just business

"The Industrial Doctoral School will always be close to my heart,” remarks Kristina Sehlin MacNeil.

Business contacts led to a job after graduation

Jonas Westberg was one of the first doctoral students at IDS. Today, he works in the industry in Norway.

“The best thing about IDS is the mixed disciplines”

Johan Iraeus does research on preventing and mitigating vehicle collision injuries at Chalmers.