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News about the Industrial Doctoral School

Student receives award for Master's thesis
Published: 17 Mar, 2022

Amanda Vikström receives The Swedish Flame Research Committee's prize for outstanding degree project.

Heating system of a building help reduce carbon dioxide emissions and energy cost
Published: 11 Oct, 2021

Anjan Rao Puttige, Industrial Doctoral School, used the hospital as a case study in his dissertation.

Exchange student rewarded for limestone project
Published: 29 Sep, 2021

Leane van Dijk from the Netherlands received a prize for the exam project she did at Umeå University.

Highly fluorinated chemicals can enter the environment via our household waste
Published: 17 Jun, 2021

The leaking substances that Sofie Björklund studied, PFAS, are very stable and do not break down in nature.

Sarandra’s mid-seminar on fall prevention for the elderly
Published: 20 Apr, 2021

Mid-seminar means that you have come halfway in the research based on your research plan.

Woodchipping study receives new research award
Published: 17 Jun, 2021

Jessica Gard Timmerfors, alumni from the Industrial Doctoral School, receives the Young Researcher´s Award.

Unique baby food project sparks huge media interest
Published: 17 Jun, 2021

What we eat as babies is of great importance for long-term health. But how do we make kids like veggies?

Metallföroreningar i vattenmiljön påverkar även fåglar på land
Published: 07 Apr, 2021

Johan Lidman shows in his dissertation that metals in water have negative effects on insect-eating birds.

“The industry also needs academia”
Published: 12 Feb, 2021

CHECK brings together Umeå researchers and the largest Swedish industries in cement and quick lime production.

In the interaction, new ideas are born at the Industrial Doctoral School
Published: 03 Oct, 2019

The Industrial Doctoral School welcomes current, past and future partners to a large workshop 24 October.

Collaboration for future research
Published: 28 Dec, 2020

Focus at the workshop was research collaboration and boundaries between academia and the business community.

New chipping method leads to more efficient use of wood material
Published: 17 Dec, 2020

The first steps can be important to increase the yield from forest raw material, says Jessica Gard Timmerfors.

New advanced treatment technology improves wastewater quality
Published: 26 Nov, 2020

Majid studies the electro-peroxone process by which increased removal of pollutants in wastewater is achieved.

Do we have the right incentives to promote a more circular economy?
Published: 16 Nov, 2020

A new thesis analyzes the effects of incentives aiming to create a more circular economy.

The Industrial Doctoral School gets a new steering group
Published: 10 Nov, 2020

A new steering group for the Industrial Doctoral School was appointed on 1 July 2019.

Research breakthrough can save lives after nerve gas poisoning
Published: 05 Nov, 2020

FOI Industrial Doctoral School researchers solve a riddle that has eluded researchers for over 50 years.

Exchange of knowledge during the internship at Boliden Minerals AB
Published: 28 Sep, 2020

A three-month internship is included in the Industrial Doctoral School. Johan thinks it has been rewarding.

New knowledge about food can improve the overall health of children
Published: 28 Sep, 2020

Nutritionist and gastronome Ulrica Johansson studies optimised supplementary food intake for young children.

Enters the assignment with great commitment
Published: 08 Sep, 2020

Many projects and contribute to a good environment for the PhD students are important tasks for Charlotta.

Continued career as a postdoc in nursing with a special focus on implementation
Published: 07 Sep, 2020

Susanna Pusa has been employed at Ersta Sköndal Bräcke University in Stockholm.