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International Cooperations

Umeå University is part of a number of university-wide international cooperations. Through these, we want to promote knowledge exchange, and strengthen research as well as education.

Collaborative projects


"Mirai" - future! is a project to strengthen academic cooperation in education, research and innovation between Swedish and Japanese universities. The project is specifically directed towards researchers who are in the early stages of their career. The topic and focus is sustainability, materials science and aging.

Read more about Mirai

Contact at Umeå University: Jenny Ahlinder Hagberg

South Africa - Sweden University Forum (SASUF)

A collaborative STINT-project between universities, organizations and authorities in Sweden and South Africa. Uppsala University is coordinating the project. Umeå University participates along with University of Gothenburg, Karlstad University, Lund University, University West and Malmö University.

In the years 2017–2020, researchers, students, companies, research funding and authorities from Sweden and South Africa will offer opportunities for different forms of cooperation, in order to strengthen existing relations between the two countries and establish new forms of sustainable cooperation with a focus on younger researchers.

Read more about SASUF

Contact at Umeå University: Per A. Nilsson

Study in Sweden in South Korea
Study in Sweden in South Korea is a unique project to recognize Sweden as a knowledge nation where one of the sub goals is to increase the number of students from this region to the higher education institutions. The project also includes collaboration with industry for internships for Korean and Swedish students, making Swedish research more known and developing a strong alumni network.

The project is a collaboration between the Swedish Embassy in Seoul and Umeå University, University of Gothenburg, KTH and Lund University. It is supported by the Swedish Institute and the Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation. In 2019, Sweden and South Korea celebrated 60 years of diplomatic relations.

Contact at Umeå University: Petra Käck


Scholars at Risk (SAR)

Scholars at Risk (SAR) is an international network that works to protect threatened scholars and to promote academic freedom around the world.

Read more about Scholars at Risk

Contact at Umeå University: Ingrid Svensson

Nordic Center in Shanghai, China

The Nordic Centre in Shanghai, China, is located at Fudan University. For researchers at member universities the centre offer:

  • funding for research stays,
  • services for visiting scholars (for example office spaces, practical help on relocating temporarily, access to academic resources of Fudan University),
  • funding for seminars, workshops and conferences.

Students from Umeå University have the opportunity to take summer courses at the centre to study Chinese society.

Read more about the Nordic Centre in Shanghai

Nordic Centre in India

The Nordic Centre provides its member universities with help to:

  • find partners in India,
  • organise workshops and conferences,
  • apply for research visas,
  • arrange visits to Indian universities.

Read more about the Nordic Centre in India

Baltic University Programme (BUP)

BUP is a network of over 200 higher education institutions in the Baltic Sea area. The programme creates and coordinates courses at the undergraduate and master level at its participating institutions, and sponsors joint research projects with a focus on sustainable development in the region. In addition to courses, conferences are held annually for students and university teachers. BUP is coordinated by Uppsala University.

Contact at Umeå University: Ingrid Svensson

Exchange Programmes


Erasmus+ is the EU programme to support education, training, youth and sport for the period 2014–2020. The programme offers opportunities in learning mobility for students and staff, innovation and good practices, and support for policy reform.

Contact at Umeå University: Jenny Ahlinder Hagberg


Linnaeus-Palme is an exchange programme for teachers and students at Higher Education Institutions (HEI) who teach or study at first-cycle or second cycle level. The programme aims to stimulate cooperation between Swedish Higher Education Institutions' (HEI) and HEI's in low and middle income countries, to raise internationalisation.

Contact at Umeå University: Monika Larsson


The Nordplus higher education programme is the exchange programme of the Nordic Council of Ministers for students and teachers at universities and university colleges in the Nordic and Baltic regions. The programme is based on a number of networks and projects between higher education institutions in the different countries.

Contact at Umeå University: Emma Akgöz


The North2North exchange programme is a network within the University of the Arctic, which is designed for students who have an "Arctic theme" in their degree programme. It aims to increase cooperation between a number of participating universities in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Iceland and the northern parts of the USA and Canada.

Contact at Umeå University: Emma Akgöz