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Personalbild Desirée Enlund

Desirée Enlund

Postgraduate student at Department of Geography and Economic History Units: Geography

+46 90 786 77 03

Samhällsvetarhuset, Plan 3 & 4 Umeå universitet, 901 87 Umeå

PhD candidate in Human Geography in the borderland between political, economic and feminist geography.

  • Presentation

    I'm a PhD candidate in Human Geography, affiliated to the Graduate School for Gender Studies (GSGS) at Umeå University. I completed a Masters in Urban Sociology (cum laude) at Universiteit van Amsterdam in 2015. Before starting my PhD I have done an internship with an environmental organization in Santiago, Chile through the Future Earth network as well as travelled extensively across Latin America.

    Current research
    Working title: Contentious places – social reproduction, self-organization and place trajectories

    My research interest is in how uneven development cause spatial injustices and how people contest such injustices. In my PhD project I look at the uneven development across Sweden and of the Swedish welfare state in its current state of retrenchment. I focus on how this development give rise contention and collective action in the periphery of the Swedish northern inland. How is the contention articulated and what political subjectivities arise? I draw on Rancière to see how possibilities to contest the current neoliberal governing rationality and a political space/moment open up, together with Massey's way of seeing places and their trajectories through their history of becoming.

    Part of the research revolves around the protests against the cutbacks at the hospital in Sollefteå during 2015-16, where they have been drawing on historical events to construct political subjectivities to mobilize against the cutbacks. While these histories of workers' struggles have been important in the mobilization, the work performed in the social reproduction by the women working at the hospital has stayed in the shadow.