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Staff photo Francisco Vasconcelos

Francisco Vasconcelos

Post-Doc with interest in shallow lake ecosystems.

Works at

Linnaeus väg 6, Umeå Umeå universitet, 901 87 Umeå

During my PhD I used ecological model and experiments to understand the response of shallow lakes to climate change. Specifically, my PhD research focused on the response of benthic and pelagic lake compartments to warming and brownification (increased input of dissolved organic matter, DOM). I conducted my research at the Umeå Experimental Ecosystem Facility (EXEF), Sweden. The theoretical development of my PhD research lead to more possibilities for model exploration. Hence, now as a Post-Doc, I will extend and explore the model based in our current understanding of shallow lake dynamics. The idea is to make the model more realistic, but still with possibilities to understanding.

Research area

Research project
Climate change induced regime shifts in Northern lake ecosystems

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