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Staff photo Gerard Rocher Ros

Gerard Rocher Ros

I am a catchment ecologist interested in landscape patterns of ecosystem function, with a background in complex systems and statistical modelling.



Works at

KB. H4, Linnaeus väg 6, Umeå, A4.22.15 Umeå universitet, 901 87 Umeå

My research focuses on the movement of matter across ecosystems. I did my PhD at Umeå university on carbon fluxes from streams and lakes, with an emphasis on how in-stream biological processes affect carbon dioxide emissions from streams. In this project I explored landscape patterns of carbon dioxide emissions in stream networks, the role of metabolism on sustaining carbon dioxide emissions, and how carbon dioxide uptake by photosynthesis can affect global estimates of carbon dioxide emissions.

Currently I am a postdoctoral researcher working on the effect of reindeers in the tundra, which can change the vegetation dramatically, influence the export of nutrients and organic matter to stream networks. This work is highly interdisciplinary involving animal ecology, terrestrial ecology and aquatic biogeochemistry. We are also using diverse tools from computer simulations, high resolution imagery with drones, combined with classical ecological methods.

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