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Personalbild Hardy Hall

Hardy Hall

Coordinator, project at Department of Plant Physiology

+46 90 786 56 74 , +46 72 142 97 54

KB. J3 (Fys. Bot.), Umeå Universitet, KBC Service Centre, Linnaeus väg 6, KB. J3 (C3.25.25) Umeå Universitet, KBC Service Centre, Linnaeus väg 6, 907 36 Umeå

I am the facilitator for the KBC focus environment. My main roles include 1) Primary support for equipment in rooms associated with the focus environment, 2) handling booking for these spaces, and 3) promotion of the environments mission to provide a platform to facilitate communications between teachers, researchers, and students.

  • Presentation

    I am a Canadian plant biologist and microscopist with a strong interest in technology, film-making, communications, and cross-country paragliding.
    I graduated from high-school in a small town called Princeton, British Columbia, Canada. I started my adult working life forest fire-fighting, tree-planting, and home building. However, my childhood dream was to work in science. I graduated from the University of British Columbia with a doctorate in plant molecular biology in 2012 and then came to Sweden for studying wood development. Here my interest in facilitating communication among researches flourished in the Umeå Plant Science Centre.