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Staff photo Johan Lidman

Johan Lidman

PhD-student in environmental science with focus on heavy metal transport and ecosystem effects.



Works at

KB. H4, Linnaeus väg 6, Umeå, A4.22.15 Umeå universitet, 901 87 Umeå

I'm a PhD-student in environmental science with focus on how heavy metals are transported and the effects heavy metals have in the ecosystem. Traditionally the biological transport of metals is excluded when investigating heavy metal transport. In this project we investigate the metal transport by insects with both an aquatic and a land living life stage. In addition, we focus on the effects heavy metals have on the insect community and insectivorous birds that are exposed to metals.

I'm also a part of the industrial doctoral school (IDS) at Umeå University, which means that I'm collaborating with an external partner outside academia. My colleaborator is the mining company Boliden AB, who hope to gain knowledge that can improve the management of closed mines.

Research area