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Kenneth Bodin


Works at

IT project leader (absent) at High Performance Computing Centre North (HPC2N)
MIT huset, Campustorget 5, 4 tr Umeå universitet, 901 87 Umeå
Affiliated as lecturer at Department of Computing Science
MIT-huset, Umeå universitet Umeå universitet, 901 87 Umeå
Topics in Stroke Rehabilitation, Taylor & Francis Group 2016, Vol. 23, (3) : 191-199
Fordell, Helena; Bodin, Kenneth; Eklund, Anders; et al.
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NAFEMS NORDIC Conference: Engineering Simulation: Best Practices, New Developments, Future Trends, 22 - 23 May 2012, Gothenburg, Sweden
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IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, Los Alamitos, USA: IEEE Computer Society 2012, Vol. 18, (3) : 516-526
Bodin, Kenneth; Lacoursière, Claude; Servin, Martin
Particles 2011 – ECCOMAS International Conference on Particle-based Methods, 26-28 October 2011, Barcelona, Spain
Bodin, Kenneth; Lacoursière, Claude; Nilsson, Martin; et al.
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Proceedings of the 28th international conference on Human factors in computing systems, Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) 2010 : 869-878
Sjölie, Daniel; Bodin, Kenneth; Elgh, Eva; et al.
Challenges in the evaluation of usability and user experience in reality based interaction, Boston, MA, USA: ACM 2009 : 23-27
Sjölie, Daniel; Bodin, Kenneth; Eriksson, Johan; et al.
ACM CHI 2006 Workshop onDesigning Technology for People with Cognitive Impairments
Backman, Anders; Bodin, Kenneth; Bucht, Gösta; et al.

Research groups

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