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Staff photo Pierre Oesterle

Pierre Oesterle

I am a PhD student working in environmental chemistry and more specifically on the remediation of polluted water stream by biochars/activated carbon and the regeneration of these adsorbents.



Works at

Doctoral student at Department of Chemistry
KB.C6, Linnaeus väg 10 Umeå universitet, 901 87 Umeå

I am a PhD student funded by Bio4Energy and the Chemistry Department to investigate ways of re-using waste produced by forestry industry. I am focussing on using these biomaterials and use them to adsorb micropollutants that are found at the end of our wastewater treatment plants. 

Using these materials is not the end point of my research as I am looking into Hydrothermal decontamination/Regeneration of these materials to recycle them and save in the same time energy and costs.

Researchgate Profile :

Environmental Science and Pollution Research, Springer 2020, Vol. 27, (20) : 25572-25581
Oesterle, Pierre; Lindberg, Richard H.; Fick, Jerker; et al.