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Personalbild Sylvain Monteux

Sylvain Monteux

CIRC, Abisko Naturvetenskapliga Station, Vetenskapens väg 38, Abisko CIRC, ANS, 981 87 Abisko

PhD student in permafrost microbial ecology

  • Presentation

    My research focuses on how bacterial and fungal communities respond to the thawing of permafrost, and whether and how that affects decomposition and CO2 emissions.

    The interactions between plant roots, soil fauna and microbial communities, and the different modalities of permafrost thawing are the main focus points I am trying to address, together with colleagues from Umeå University's Climate Impacts Research Centre, and collaborators in SLU Uppsala, as well as in The Netherlands, France and Switzerland.

    The approaches I use combine meta-barcoding sequencing to visualize microbial communities, plant and soil science to understand biotic interactions, and biogeochemistry. Experimental setups from laboratory to field-scale manipulations allow understanding of different levels of detail, while modeling further helps shedding light on the wider consequences of the globally-important concern that permafrost thawing poses.