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Staff photo Tobias Sundqvist

Tobias Sundqvist


Affiliated as research student at Department of Computing Science



Naturvetarhuset Plan 2, Naturvetarhuset, C2-12-03 Umeå universitet, 901 87 Umeå

My research is about making 5G more reliable by using Machine Learning techniques to find faults quicker and earlier in the Radio Access Network

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    I have been working in the Telecom area for about 20 years and in order to improve the coming 5G network I decided to dig into research. The problem I have seen during my years in the industry is that the Radio Access Network (RAN) that handles the communication between the wireless devices has become very large and complex. Engineers that are searching for faults in RAN needs to analyse a huge amount of data in order to understand what caused the problem and sometimes it is a overwhelming work. With the coming 5G standard the architecture of RAN will need to change and the network will become even more complex and mor etorublesome to analyze.

    In order to aid the engineer I am researching about how we can use Machine Learning techniques to analyse the big data received from RAN and automatically find faults and root causes. By removing the faults we can get a more reliable 5G.

    Read more about me and my research here

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