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Studies and COVID-19

From 30 September, most of the previous COVID measures are lifted – welcome back to campus! However, things will not go back to normal straight away. For instance, some parts of your education may still take place online and it is still important to maintain distance to others for some time yet.

The return to campus is gradual, and your education is unlikely to be back to normal straight away. Since the return to campus is planned by those responsible for your education, you will receive more detailed information regarding your studies from your department.

Consider this

- Look out for information and updates from your department.

- Stay at home if you are sick.

- Get tested if you are sick, even if you have been vaccinated.

- Keep maintaining distance to others.

- Get vaccinated.

This is what the university does

Umeå University’s guideline is to leave every other chair empty, but what distance is reasonable and possible varies depending on the situation. The need to continue to keep distance to others is based on everyone still not being vaccinated.

Updated on 14 October 2021

Many university COVID measures disappear from October

Umeå University removes most of its COVID measures from 30 September as national restrictions are lifted.

Vaccination on Campus Umeå

Region Västerbotten offers drop-in vaccination against COVID-19 on Campus Umeå for everyone in society.