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Information for international arrivals

Welcome to Sweden and Umeå University! Umeå University is pleased to have you here and we are trying our best to simplify your arrival in Sweden. We hope that you will have a great stay in Umeå.

General guidelines for travellers

The guidelines regarding self-isolation after travels and testing before and and after travels change from time to time. Stay updated on the Public Health Agency of Sweden's website.

Recommendations when entering Sweden (Public Health Agency of Sweden)

How to get tested when you are new in Sweden

Testing for COVID-19 is free of charge in Sweden. But when registering your test, you need to identify yourself. To identity yourself, you need to have a Swedish personal identity number or a coordination number issued by the Swedish Tax Office. Another form of identity is a reserve number which you can obtain at Gösta Skoglunds väg where you pick up and drop off your test, or from a healthcare centre. It is recommended that you turn to Gösta Skoglunds väg for the reserve number and follow their instructions.

Find the pick-up station on the map.

If you are a student at Umeå University, you may also be able to use a temporary identity number issued by Umeå University for this particular purpose.

Please note! Your temporary identity number can only be used for self-testing for COVID-19 if it contains a T in the last four digits. The temporary number cannot replace a Swedish personal identity number in other contexts in society. Using your temporary identity number means a potential positive test result will not be logged in a medical journal, which may impede your chances of getting a certificate of recovery.

When you have settled in, contact one of Region Västerbotten’s healthcare centres to be assigned a reserve number. The reserve number can be used for identification if you must get tested again, and in all other contact with Swedish healthcare.

If you have a Swedish personal identity number, or a coordination number assigned by the Swedish Tax Agency, these can be used for identification in all contact with Swedish healthcare.

Obtaining your temporary identity number

Your temporary identity number represents your birthdate followed by a four-digit code in the following format YYYYMMDDXXXX. Y is your year of birth, M is your month of birth and D is your day of birth, and X is a four-digit code composed of an initial letter followed by three numbers. For instance, 19990316T789 for a birthdate on 16 March 1999.

Please note that only temporary identity numbers with a T in the last four digits can be used for self-testing for COVID-19.

Temporary identity number for students with an Umu-id

If you are a student and have received your Umu-id – your university user account – you can obtain your temporary identity number online by creating a certificate of registration. Follow these instructions

  1. Go to and log on using your Umu-id.
  2. Go to My certificates.
  3. Press Create study certificate. When the box expands, press Create certificate again. Your certificate has now been created.
  4. Open your certificate (pdf).
  5. Your temporary identity number can be found next to your name.
  6. Save your temporary identity number separately. You do not need to keep the certificate of registration for testing purposes.
  7. Make sure the temporary identity number contains a T in the last four digits, otherwise proceed to the headline "If you have no temporary identity number".

Temporary numbers for students without an Umu-id

If you are a student and have not yet received your Umu-id, you can obtain your temporary identity number by contacting the university’s Infocenter on weekdays through their web form or by phone on +46 90 786 50 00.

Make sure the temporary identity number contains a T in the last four digits, otherwise proceed to the headline "If you have no temporary identity number".

If you have no temporary identity number

If you have no temporary identity number suitable for self-testing, please contact a health centre by phone to get tested for COVID-19 and ask for a reserve number to use in contact with the healthcare services. They will help you.

Here is a list of some health centres in Umeå you can contact if you need help to get tested for COVID-19, to book vaccination or need other medical attendance:

All health centres on the map

Mariehems hälsocentral
+46 90 785 44 44
Morkullevägen 9, Umeå

Ålidhems hälsocentral
+46 90 785 44 58
Tvistevägen 2, Umeå

Capio hälsocentral Dragonen
+46 90 785 91 48
Ridvägen 12, Umeå

Citymottagningen hälsocentral
+46 90 785 93 21
Nygatan 19B, Umeå

Ersboda hälsocentral
+46 90 785 44 57
Hälsogränd 3, Umeå

Hälsocentralen Husläkarna i Umeå
+46 90 785 93 88
Storgatan 28B, Umeå

Norrlandsklinikens hälsocentral
+46 90 785 93 22
Glimmervägen 5E, Umeå

Tegs hälsocentral
+46 90 785 44 56
Tegsplan 2C, Umeå

Emergency care medicine
If you are seriously ill or have been gravely injured, you can seek help at the emergency care clinic (Akutmottagningen) at the University Hospital of Umeå (Norrlands universitetssjukhus) in Umeå.

Call the alarm number 112 if a person’s life is in danger and you need help straight away.

Medical advice

Call 1177 or +46 771 1177 00 if you or someone else gets ill and you need to talk to a nurse for advice on what to do or where to go for help. The nurses speak Swedish and English. Help in other languages is sometimes available.

Getting tested using the temporary identity number

Please go to Gösta Skoglunds väg 8 to pick up a test kit from a blue cabin in the parking lot between 08:00-12:00 and 13:00–16:00 on weekdays. This place is located close to the university’s Campus Umeå. Please do not use public transport to get there if you have symptoms.

Find the pick-up station on the map.

Please note that you must use a computer and not a smartphone to register your test kit if you are using a temporary identity number. You must also have access to a mobile phone to receive your test results. The initial part of the instructions provided in the leaflet you received with your test kit does not apply to you, please follow these instructions instead:

  1. Go to
  2. Press View in English.
  3. Press Register kit.
  4. Enter the referral code, which is the number stated on the vial in your test kit. Also, note down and save your referral code separately.
  5. Fill in your information. Your temporary number, see special instructions, replaces the Swedish personal identity number. If you do not have an address, enter the zip code 09011.
  6. Go to Identification method, select Personal code. When you have registered the sample, your personal nine-digit code will be displayed. Note down and save your personal code carefully. You need the code to see your test results later.
  7. Complete the testing process by following the instructions under the section “Pre-testing preparations” and onwards in the leaflet provided with the test kit or in the online instructions for self-testing.

If you have problems registering your test kit, please contact

Hand in your test kit

Drop off your test for analysis to Gösta Skoglunds väg 8 around the corner of the blue cabin through the window. You do not need to queue up to drop off your test. The station is open between 8:00 and 16:00 on weekdays. Your test results will arrive in about 48 hours.

Test results

You will get a text message on your mobile phone when your test results have arrived. Log onto to see your test results. You will need the personal code from when you got tested and your temporary number to log on.

If any of your test results are positive, indicating that you have COVID-19, you must remain in self-isolation and a contact tracer will contact you with further instructions. Learn more about test results (1177 Healthcare Guide).

More information

Medical queries

Region Västerbotten is the medical authority that will provide your test results and have information related to testing, vaccination and health care in general. Find out more on the Healthcare Guide 1177.

Umeå University information and contacts

You will find all COVID-19-related information related to Umeå University under For students,

If you have questions regarding your temporary identity number, please contact Infocenter.

If you have questions about the university's information or handling of COVID-19, please contact