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Information for students, faculty and staff regarding COVID-19. (Updated: 23 November 2020)


Stricter temporary measures on campus

Due to an increased spread of infection in the region, the University has now applied stricter measures regarding for instance visits to campus for a limited period until 8 December. If necessary, the decision may be extended.

If we all take responsibility to keep our physical distance, we hope to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 in society to avoid people at risk becoming seriously ill and to prevent overloading the healthcare system.


  • Avoid visiting the university campuses unless absolutely necessary, and try to primarily carry out group work online​.
  • If you need to visit the University, it is important to maintain distance to those around you​.
  • If you meet a group of people in person outside of regular teacher-led situations, attempt to stick to the same group throughout this period, and in as small groups as possible. The effect is best if the group does not exceed 7, according to the county medical officer​. This concerns, for instance, group work.
  • Stay at home if you have symptoms of disease, also mild ones, such as coughing, a runny nose, soar throat, nausea and loss of taste or smell​.
  • When your symptoms have remained for 24 hours, you should also get tested for COVID-19​.
  • To not overload the system, however, it is important to only get tested if you have symptoms.​
  • While waiting for your test result, you must stay at home and may not meet others or visit the university​.

Teaching and assessment

  • The university’s measures may mean that your methods of instruction or assessments may revert to online methods. Your teacher will keep you informed​.
  • If you have the slightest symptoms of disease you may not partake in instruction or assessment that require being present in person. Talk to your teacher to resolve the situation​.
  • If you are carrying out clinical training or placement, etc. you must follow the guidelines and recommendations from your host organisation​.

Premises and events

  • University premises, including the University Library, will remain open during normal opening hours, but you are advised to avoid visiting the university unless it is necessary, and absolutely refrain if you have the slightest symptoms of disease​.
  • No events may take place in university premises. Serving alcohol is prohibited.
  • Student’s unions are urged to not organise events in other locations either, particularly those including alcohol​.

The above is valid from 11 November until 8 December.

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