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Information for students, faculty and staff regarding COVID-19. (Updated: 18 May 2021)


University COVID-measures for spring and summer 2021

The measures stated on this page aimed at limiting presence on campus and reduce the spread of infection are now valid until 29 August 2021. After that, a decision for the start of the 2021 autumn semester takes over.

If everyone takes their responsibility to keep distance to others, we hope to reduce the spread of disease to the extent that people do not have to fall seriously ill and that the healthcare services avoid being overloaded. 

This is what you need to do

  • Avoid coming to our campuses unless you have to, and meet others online when conducting group work etc.  
  • If you need to come to campus, for instance for a compulsory course component – remember to keep your distance! 
  • If you must meet a group of people in person, attempt to stick to the same group throughout this period and meet in small groups. The county medical officer recommends groups of no more than 7 people.  
  • And what’s most important – Stay at home if you have symptoms of disease, also mild ones, such as coughing, a runny nose, soar throat, nausea and loss of taste or smell.

When your symptoms have remained for 24 hours, you should also get tested for COVID-19. To not overload the system, however, it is important to only get tested if you have symptoms. While waiting for your test results, you must stay at home and must minimise your contact with others. 

Premises and events

The university premises including the University Library remain open with limited opening hours, this is to enable necessary compulsory course components to be carried out and course literature to be accessible, for instance. However, you should avoid coming to the university unless necessary, and absolutely refrain if you have the slightest symptoms of disease. 

  • No events may be held in university premises. 
  • Serving and consuming alcohol in university premises is prohibited. 
  • Student unions are urged to not organise events in other locations either, particularly those including alcohol.

Teaching and assessment 

The university’s measures due to COVID-19 may mean that your methods of instruction or assessments may revert to online methods. Your teacher will keep you informed. If you have the slightest symptoms of disease you may not partake in instruction or assessment that require being present in person. Talk to your teacher to resolve the situation.

If you need to take a written hall examination, you need to follow certain routines.
If you are carrying out clinical training, placement or similar you must follow the guidelines and recommendations from your host organisation – the school, healthcare facility or similar.  

Stay updated

It is particularly important that you stay updated about the current situation for your course or study programme as parts of your instruction may be held online, and changes may come at short notice. 

Some course components, lectures or examinations that should have been held onsite may be adapted to online or alternative solutions. Instruction can also take place at other times than normal for rooms to be sufficient when the number of people per room is limited. 

Please help to reduce the spread of infection by following the guidelines issued by Swedish authorities as well as the measures taken by the university. 

The information on this page is valid until 29 August 2021.

Current and upcoming decisions

These following Vice-Chancellor's decisions specify the details of the university's measures due to COVID-19 for the specified periods.